7 Amazing Eco Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

Nov 14, 2023

This festive season, make your little ones’ holiday extra special with presents that are not only delightful but also gentle on our planet. With a growing awareness of the importance of sustainability, choosing eco-friendly gifts for children can inspire them to be stewards of the environment from a young age. Here are seven amazing eco Christmas gift ideas that are sure to spark wonder and playfulness in kids, while also aligning with your desire to protect and preserve nature for their future.


1. Avenlur Magnolia Indoor Playground 7-in-1 Jungle Gym


The Avenlur Magnolia Indoor Playground is a testament to sustainable playtime, crafted from high-quality varnished wood. It stands out as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic playsets, using materials that are both renewable and biodegradable. The use of wood also means that each piece of the jungle gym has a lower carbon footprint, contributing to a greener planet.

This 7-in-1 jungle gym offers a Montessori Waldorf-style play experience that is not only safe but also intellectually stimulating. The varied activities, including a rock climbing wall and monkey bars, are designed to improve motor skills and encourage imaginative play. Its easy assembly and robust safety features make it a worry-free addition to any playroom, promising years of adventure for children ages 2-6.

2. Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Plus Balance Bike


The Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Plus Balance Bike is a green choice for early riders. Handmade with sustainable birchwood and finished with non-toxic, water-based lacquers, it’s a ride that respects the environment. The commitment to minimal packaging using recycled paper further underscores its eco-friendly ethos, making it a conscientious gift for your little one.

Designed with comfort in mind, this balance bike features an adjustable seat, extra-wide base, and airless tires to ensure a smooth transition from tricycle to two-wheel riding. It’s not just a bike; it’s an investment in your child’s independence and confidence, accommodating kids from 18 months to 4 years old and supporting up to 55 pounds.

3. ECOFANTASY Kids Travel Tray – Waterproof Carseat Table Top


ECOFANTASY’s Kids Travel Tray emphasizes sustainability with its durable Polyester 600D construction, ensuring longevity and reducing the need for replacements. The brand’s commitment to eco-friendly practices extends to the use of original printed activity sheets that can be used repeatedly, promoting a paperless and environmentally conscious approach to entertainment.

This travel tray isn’t just eco-conscious, it’s a portable hub of creativity and learning. The educational world map design and included activity sheets provide an interactive platform for kids to play and learn while on the move. With multiple compartments and a waterproof surface, it’s an indispensable travel companion that keeps little ones engaged and organized.


4. Lottie Dollhouse Wooden Tree House Dolls

Lottie Dollhouse Wooden Tree House is an eco-friendly haven for imaginative play, constructed from sustainably sourced wood. It encourages a connection with nature through play, using materials that have minimal environmental impact. The wood used is not only renewable but also sturdier and more biodegradable than plastic, making it a responsible choice for the environment.

Beyond its sustainable qualities, the treehouse is a vibrant world of creativity, designed without gender stereotypes. It includes a swing, slide, and even a secret trap door, appealing to both girls and boys. This award-winning toy fosters outdoor play and discovery, ensuring your child’s playtime is both inclusive and inspired by nature.


5. Trekking The National Parks – Award-Winning Strategy Board Game for Family

Trekking The National Parks board game is created by national parks enthusiasts who have infused their passion for conservation into the game. The game materials are produced with cardboard from sustainably managed forests, and the company contributes to reforestation efforts, ensuring that each purchase has a positive impact on the planet.

This Mensa and Parent’s Choice Award-winning game is more than just a pastime; it’s an educational journey through America’s national parks. It serves as a bridge between education and entertainment, allowing players to learn about the natural wonders of the parks while engaging in strategic gameplay. It’s a gift that will ignite a love for the outdoors and environmental stewardship in children and adults alike.


6. Climbing Arch Small Size | Montessori Rocker Arch


The Montessori Rocker Arch represents eco-friendly play equipment at its best, made from natural wood sourced responsibly. The use of birch and linden trees, along with a strict no-varnish policy, ensures that the product is safe for children and the environment. The brand’s dedication to sustainable practices makes this climbing arch a wise choice for eco-minded parents.

Not only does the Climbing Arch support the development of spatial thinking and coordination, but its versatility also provides endless fun. It can be combined with various other climbing elements, which means it adapts to your child’s growing abilities and interests. This climbing frame promises a dynamic and developmental playtime experience, all while adhering to the highest standards of manufacturing.

7. Kinderfeets Pram Walker – Toy Stroller

The Kinderfeets Pram Walker is a prime example of an eco-conscious toy that serves multiple functions without harming the environment. Handmade from replenishable birch wood and finished with non-toxic paints, it’s a sustainable choice for conscious parents. It also supports the reforestation efforts, ensuring that each purchase contributes positively to the planet’s green cover.

This pram walker is ingeniously designed to double as both a baby walker and a toy pram. It’s not just a tool to help your child take their first steps with confidence but also a delightful toy that can ferry around their favorite dolls and stuffed animals. With its stylish design, sturdy build, and soft rubber-trimmed wheels that protect home surfaces, this pram walker stands out as a versatile and lasting gift for any young child.


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