Amazing Naked Armor Japanese Steel Blade, Complete Straight Razor Shaving Kit for Men


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Brand: Naked Armor
Number of Blades: 1
Unit Count: 1 Count
Skin Type: Combination
Number of Items: 6

  • Elevate Your Shaving Experience: Ultimate straight razor kit for men. Precision and performance. Shave-ready straight razors for men. Durable Japanese steel. Closest shave possible outside the barber, smooth shave that the ladies will love.
  • Uncompromising Quality and Elegance Straight Edge Razor : Luxury straight razor shaving kit. Premium brush, soft bristles. Enhanced strop for razor edge. High-quality natural soap for rich lather. Flawless shave with eveything you need straight blade razor for men.
  • Perfect gift for dad, husband, or brother – Naked Armor straight razor kit for men is the perfect men’s gift for the stylish man in your life. Give the gift of looking good, feeling great, and being irresistibly handsome with this new mens straight razor.
  • Dependable Warranty – This barber straight razor professional kits come with a straightforward warranty. If the shave kit for men doesn’t meet your standards, you’ll get a full refund, free honing service, or a product exchange.Get your man this straight razor kits for men today for a professional barber shave at home.
  • Amazing Grooming Ritual: Men’s straight razor shaving kit. Close, comfortable shave. Exceptional sharpness and precision. Sophisticated presentation. Invest in luxury with confidence with this mens shaving kit gift set.
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Look great after a close shave at home


Natural shave soap


Strop Straight Razor Before Shaving

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Weight3.1 kg
Dimensions8.5 × 3.5 cm
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‎ 11.25 x 8.5 x 3.5 inches; 3.1 Pounds

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‎ box-set-1


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(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for Amazing Naked Armor Japanese Steel Blade, Complete Straight Razor Shaving Kit for Men

  1. Elijah Burkhart

    **edit** Ok, so my first review was not so happy (see below). However I felt compelled and obligated to update it after my experience interfacing with the company. After my review posted Naked Armor contacted me very apologetic that I was not satisfied with my purchase. They offered me a full refund and sent me a brand new kit free of charge, plus sent me a scuttle set. The new razor I got was everything I expected and more. I have to say I’m impressed. Not only did they do all this but they also told me they were contacting the manufacturing plant to let them know what they sent out was unacceptable and they promised to increase their quality control. In summary, cheers to you Naked Armor for standing behind your product and delivering true customer service.Wow…incredibly disappointing. Where to even begin. I guess from the beginning. Upon unboxing the first thing I noticed was dust all over the box I’m assuming from the factory. Second was the obvious cheap quality and mass produced charm of the box itself. Opening the box revealed several contents out of place. Not a big deal just obvious sloppy design. Then there’s the blade…omg the blade. Advertised as shave ready, not…even…close. Swear to the Lord above my hunting and kitchen knives shave better. Let’s see, oh yeah, grind marks. Are you kidding me? Sell me a razor for $160 and there’s still grinding marks on it?! (See attached pictures for proof) The “golden brass” was grossly discolored. And to top it all off it was dirty from the milling process still. Obviously never cleaned. DO NOT buy this product. I will be returning.

  2. brady moncada

    I bought this kit and have been shaving with it for a week. It wasn’t quite shave ready at first but my first shave I didn’t sharpen it and it got the job done. After the first shave I did about 200 passes with an 8000 grit whetstone and about another 200 passes with the strop it came with, with the strop paste it came with, and it’s the best shave I have ever had. I am a beginner and this is my first kit and I highly recommend this as a gift and or for yourself as a beginner. The brush is very soft and forgiving and provides a great lather. The soap smells absolutely fantastic, provides a great lather as well. The strop is very nice with the canvas and leather doing a great job. 8/10 would recommend just be prepared to do a little work on the bevel that’s the only reason I’m not doing 5 stars and a 10/10. I still highly recommend

  3. Carroll Compton

    Everything came in fast great product . The problem I had was razor wasn’t shave ready. and the metal on the inside the handle has a few places where it looks like the grinder dug in but that is ok cause you can’t see it unless you are looking for it. It was sharp but not shave ready, I did clean the blade and stroppped it before I used it for the first time , only reason I know it wasn’t sharp is cause the blade was pulling on my hair. I texted the company and now I’m just waiting on a shipping label so I can send it back to be honed. I’ll update my review after I receive it back from the company

  4. F. Mazza

    I have wanted to use a straight razor for a while now and when I came across this kit I thought it would be the perfect time to take the leap.I was looking for something not cheap but no too expensive either, it seems you could spend a lot of money on straight razors these days. I saw a few other for $500 for just the razor alone. Maybe one day, right?Anyway, this kit seemed like the perfect chance to get started and I was right. Everything in one box. I grabbed a mug out of the kitchen to mix the soap and hot water and later realized this was called a scuttle.Once I got the mix right, thanks to the great PDF that these guys sent me, I was ready to rock and the experience was (and is) awesome.Soap creates a great lather and the razor perfectly cut through my stubble. The brush worked great too. I travel some and liked the matching travel case, nice touch that I didn’t see in any other kits.Let’s break it down.WHAT I LIKE- Blade is really sharp, I shaved with it straight out of the box.- Great package with minimalist design & elegant.- Solid stainless steel straight razor, clean.- Beautifully matching travel case and strop.- Nice soap and brush, I like the idea of not killing badgers.- BONUS: Cool free PDF with tons of great articles.- BONUS: Free one-day shipping for Prime (love Amazon Prime).WHAT I DON’T LIKE× I wish there was shaving bowl with the kit.× Shave brush was simple. They should upgrade this.× Get rid of all plastic, there wasn’t much but even a little is too much.PACKAGE- Wood box that you can reuse.- Nice presentation.- – – – -Summary: I highly recommend this straight razor. it was sharp and ready to roll out of box.Delivers as promised. Excellent and fun experience.

  5. P. Valerin

    The blade it’s ok for the price paid.Soap brush I’m not to happy with it.Soap bar is good.Razor leather belt I like a lot.

  6. Shawn Shelbie Harmon

    I just received it today. I have never used a straight razor before but I have always wanted to learn the skill of using one. I was back and forth on what brand to get, if I should get a kit, or if I should purchase just a razor to see if I even liked shaving with a straight razor. I read a lot of reviews, some good, some bad but one thing that stuck out with yall was the fact that you always contacted/resolved any issues someone had with your product. I was nervous while I waited for the kit to show up but I am happy to say I am very pleased with the quality upon my initial inspection. I am active military with 12 years of metal working experience on aircraft so I am familiar with a wide variety of aluminums and steels. The grind and polish on the brass and steel look really good. The edge of the blade is amazing as well. I love the quality of the box along with the layout of it’s contents. The strop has a small blemish in it but it’s not bad at all. The soap can had a dent in the bottom from being dropped but that is no problem as well. I love the wood handle with the polished aluminum end cap of the shaving brush and the laser etched logo is a nice touch as well. I love the brass and wood combination on the handle of the razor. I look forward to shaving with it for the first time and I hope that it lasts me long enough to pass it down to one of my children or grandchildren one day.

  7. Kim

    Husband ended up sending back as he said the box felt cheap and gimmicky.

  8. Krystal Smith

    I ordered this for my man for a anniversary present. Although only 2 people have reviewed it I bought it anyway hoping that it come looking just as good as it does on the picture. It arrived and I was pleasantly satisfied. It came very crisp and clean looking and everything does come in it in its own spot and everything. My boyfriend tested out the razor and it is truly sharp and very good quality. I did have to Seperatly buy a cup to mix the soap on and a holder for the blade and brush but other than that this product cane with everything what needed. We are keeping the box to store the products in during our travels but overall wonderful product. Mine came perfect and I’d buy again 🙂

  9. Eric Davis

    The naked armor shaving kit was greatI just started using a straight razor for the first time and this kit was a great way to startMy only problems with the kit was the quality of the strope isn’t the best and the razor itself works really good but requires a lot of sharpening before it dulls again I had to sharpen it on my 6000 grit sharpening stone only after a few shaves it’s a good quality razor but not the best.I now own a Dovo Solingen silver steel straight razor which was worth every penny and I highly recommend.

  10. Nicholas Briddell

    I love everything that came with it. I am very curious what ingredients are in the shave soap. Reason is because I love the aroma

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