Avenlur Magnolia Indoor Playground 7-in-1 Jungle Gym Montessori Waldorf Style Wooden Climber


(10 customer reviews)
Material: Wood
Brand: Avenlur
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 58 x 47 x 56 inches
Style: Montessori Waldorf Style
Color: Natural

  • INTRODUCING AVENLUR’S MAGNOLIA 7-IN-1 INDOOR WOODEN JUNGLE GYM PLAYGROUND – Get ready for endless fun and adventure with Avenlur’s Magnolia 7-in-1 Indoor Wooden Jungle Gym Playground! This exciting playset is the perfect way for your child to develop important gross motor skills while staying safe and entertained.
  • MOTOR SKILL ACTIVITIES FOR ENDLESS FUN – Your child will never run out of things to do with the mini rock climbing wall, Swedish slide, monkey bars, rope ladder, wood ladder, and swing, all included in the Magnolia playground. Each activity is designed to engage your child’s imagination and develop their motor skills, making it the perfect indoor playset for toddlers and children ages 2-6 years.
  • HIGH QUALITY VARNISHED WOOD FOR LONG-LASTING DURABILITY Made from top-quality varnished wood, the Magnolia 7-in-1 Indoor Wooden Jungle Gym Playground is built to last for years to come. With regular use, your child’s muscle development and coordination will improve, leading to better spatial awareness and confidence.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY FOR CONVENIENCE AND PEACE OF MIND – Setting up the Magnolia playground is easy and requires no professional installation. The low ground design and sturdy rails make it easy for your child to play and explore safely and securely.
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND – At Avenlur, safety is our top priority. Our indoor play equipment is designed with your child’s safety in mind, made from industrial grade wood to ensure its sturdiness and robustness. You can trust that our playground is safe and reliable for your child to enjoy.
  • SUSTAINABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGN – We take sustainability seriously, which is why we strive to make our products as eco-friendly as possible. The Magnolia 7-in-1 Indoor Wooden Jungle Gym Playground is built sustainably and is regularly quality checked in production, certified in safety and composition. You can feel good knowing that your purchase is both safe and environmentally responsible.
  • CONCLUSION – If you’re looking for an exciting and safe way for your child to develop important motor skills, the Magnolia 7-in-1 Indoor Wooden Jungle Gym Playground is the perfect choice. With its sturdy construction, endless motor skill activities, and eco-friendly design, you and your child will love this playset for years to come. Order yours today and start the adventure!
  • AVENLUR’S COMMITMENT to safety and sustainability extends to all of our playgrounds, gyms, and playsets for kids. We use only the highest quality, non-toxic materials and regularly quality check our production. Certified in safety and composition, our sustainable playsets fit perfectly into any room in your home. Be confident in your child’s safety and proud of your commitment to sustainability with Avenlur.
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Weight250 kg
Dimensions58 × 47 × 56 cm





Montessori Waldorf Style



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Product Dimensions

58"L x 47"W x 56"H

Item Weight

94.8 pounds





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Date First Available

December 1, 2020



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(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for Avenlur Magnolia Indoor Playground 7-in-1 Jungle Gym Montessori Waldorf Style Wooden Climber

  1. Bill

    I got this for my 2 year old for the inside since it gets so hot in Az and he loved playing on it.

  2. Lea Murray

    I bought this for my 4-year-old twins for their birthday. They love it and it will be the perfect indoor play activity for winter!

  3. Amazon Customer

    Bought this for my two year old, and she’s obsessed!! She’s on it all. day. long. It’s the perfect indoor playground. It was easy to assemble, my husband and I handled it with no problem. I had to get one replacement part, and the customer service was SO quick and helpful! Amazing company, amazing product.

  4. MediaMike55

    Photo is not fully assembled. I thought it would be hours of work to assemble. Took about 30 mins and was not complicated. Seems sturdy for our 3 and 5 year old. You’ll need a power drill for the 60 or so screws.

  5. pramod muralidharan

    Product looks great!

  6. D. Ottman

    One of the criticisms of this play set was the ability of a child’s torso to slip through the top bars but not their head. When assembling it, it didn’t appear that this would be an issue. However, I put my child up there and found that he would in fact slip through the bars if his chest compressed a little bit (which it probably would if he slipped through). We watch him carefully but it’s surprising how fast he learned to climb this thing. Even if you are right there, I’m not sure if you could get your hands on your kid fast enough if they slipped through. I ended up putting a net on top with some hardware. I used 5/8” dock rope but probably could have used half inch. I also put clear grip tape on the ladder bars and climbing surfaces.The company reached out a couple times about my review. I would feel better if they did any of these options:Sold a net assembly separately. Make some more money and make some parents feel better. Win winBump the age up to 3+. I feel like my kid would have better control over his body by then. I know, just one data point here but I feel like his friends have similar climbing abilities at 2.They already make you assemble a climbing net for the side of this thing. How hard would it be to drill some holes on the side supports between the horizontal ladder rings and have you weave a similar net. The kids can still use the monkey bars and kiddos have no chance of falling through. It would add whatever it costs to drill the holes and some nylon rope. Doesn’t have to be 5/8” diameter rope. The 7/16 or 1/2” stuff they use for the side net would be fine. Probably like $10 more to the cost of this structure.

  7. Leiru

    Need padding around to fill in the bottomOther than that it’s a pretty good set up. Keeps the kids busy.

  8. Amazon Member

    Absolutely love this whole set! Took me maybe an hour to build! Super easy to put together just tedious with each individual screw! I wasn’t the biggest fan of the primary colored rock wall pieces so I painted them! The slide rest on the top bar so you can easily take it off to use the bars as monkey bars! The swing can be made higher if desired, just tie the knots under the seat higher up! Slide is quite slick just to note for people purchasing for younger kids. When my little one was first using it I moved the slide down one bar to introduce it because she did fly down it the first couple times! Absolutely amazed with all the options on it!

  9. MindfullyParenting

    I was torn between buying this gym for my incredibly active about to be 3 year old. The winters are harsh where I live and we needed a year round solution for his need to be active.I was torn between two sets. One that mounted on the wall and this one. I ultimately settled on this one for a few reasons. 1. It was a stand alone unit. No need to waste wall space. 2. It was sized appropriately for his size, skill, and age with room to grow, but allowances for his younger sister as she grows into it also. 3. The color combos were beautiful. 4. The slide didn’t require extra space.Pros:*It is built very sturdy*The quality was even better than I had hoped for*It is visually appealing for being in my home.* Price is reasonable*The skill level was perfect for my little guy. Just the right balance between ease and challenges*Compact space*Easy assemblyLess than desirable features:* Like other reviews mentioned, the swing was trash. My son fell 4 times immediately after trying it, and where it lands he fell with the frame right on his back. We knew this was potential going into it, and chose to replace the swing with matching rope gymnastic rings from a different manufacturer.*the slide isn’t super slippery, but it is great for kids who enjoy climbing up the slide.* It’s shipping package could have been better, and it had a lot of styrofoam.* There were several small dings on the parts, but they weren’t super notable, only to perfectionist. And they were painted and sealed over it.* The finish I purchased should have had a pink green and blue color top monkey bar section, however mine was natural. This suited my needs well, so I didn’t bother with a return.* While assembly was easy it did take a decent amount of time. My above average/intermediate skilled spouse was able to assemble in in a little under 2 hours alone.I would buy this againI would recommend thisIt is worth the price point and quality

  10. RBJ

    Pros:1. My boys (18 m & 2yr) love it!!!2. Easy to put together. Not sure what happened with the people who had trouble, but I just followed the directions and it took me about 3 hours.3. Feels very sturdy.Cons1. Swing is trash. I got jungle gym rings to hang instead of the swing.2. Padding! I know they are coming out with padding like seen in the ad soon. But there is padding that is needed around the slide. If you have the slide set up where it goes through the jungle gym, your kids WILL hit their heads as they slide down.3. The rock wall pieces hurt. They are so hard.4. Don’t wear socks. I only let my sons climb with bare feet or with shoes on. Your asking for an emergency room visit if you let them climb with just socks. Slippery!

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