Bicycle Eco Edition Playing Cards


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Age Range (Description) All
Number of Players 1-10
Brand Bicycle
Theme Educational
Material synthetic

  • Bicycle Playing Cards
  • Premium Playing Cards
  • Premium Quality
  • Manufactured With Recycled & Sustainably Sourced Raw Materials
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Backed By Over 50 Years As America’s Oldest Jigsaw Puzzle Company
  • Environmentally conscious, recyclable
  • Bicycle quality Made in the USA
  • High quality poker sized playing cards
  • Starch based laminating glue and vegetable based printing inks
  • Completely recyclable playing cards
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Eco never looked as handsome or as guilt-free as this edition of the classic Bicycle rider. This deck of cards is a great addition for the collector, as well as the environmentalist for when Bicycle designed this card, they were serious! Eco edition playing cards are made with vegetable-based inks and starch-based laminating glue. The paper is made from sustainable sources and both cards and Box are completely recyclable.

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Weight3.28 kg
Dimensions2.56 × 0.67 × 3.54 cm
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2.56 x 0.67 x 3.54 inches

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3.28 ounces



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October 25, 2011






The United States Playing Card Company

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(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for Bicycle Eco Edition Playing Cards

  1. S. Karl

    I really wanted to like these cards but I can barely use them. I didn’t realize that the red suited cards didn’t use any red ink. Nothing natural available I suppose. So all the red suited cards use an olive drab color for the diamonds/hearts. It makes it fairly difficult to quickly identify the card suit. Not a huge problem…but quite annoying. Also the face cards only use 4 ink colors that are natural looking as well. Besides the standard black and olive drab for the red/black suits, there is a lighter shade of green for shadowing, and a light brown that is used where yellow or gold is traditionally used. I would have really wanted to see some RED pips at least on the card. The green shade is fairly hard to distinguish from black in different lighting conditions.As far as the feel, they feel like standard Bicycle cards…but I’m not a card master magician or anything.So they’ll serve their purpose but I’ll probably only end up using them for novelty use or drinking games :-)…say to add in an extra trick to the game…drink every time you mistake a card suit lol. And as soon as they get enough beer or other beverages spilled on them, into the recycling bin they’ll go.Would I buy them again? Nope. Not at all.

  2. Kate M.

    I need a deck of green playing cards once a year. I wish I didn’t, because I can get two decks of blue and red ones for a buck at the dollar store, but, alas, I need a green deck. These work fine. They would hold up much longer than the dollar store cards if used for playing cards (I don’t use them for that, so longevity doesn’t matter to me). If I could find green ones cheaper, I would go that route, but I’m grateful to be able to get them on Amazon.

  3. B. Eaton

    The cards are sturdy and look like they could last for years like I like my cards to. I was honestly expecting a bad quality paper-like product. They bend a bit more readily than normal cards but it’s not really a problem for me. The main problem is that the green looks very much like the black and it takes an extra second to differentiate between the two. It’s not something that stops me from using the deck but I see why it could stop some.

  4. AshertopiA

    I’m a card player. I love getting with a bunch of friends and playing variations of poker or pounce. The problem is that all my decks were feeling their age. I’d previously purchased a bunch of different colored decks on a trip to Vegas and now that they were wearing out I needed new colored decks for the multi-deck games for sorting. These green ones are great. They feel great, are smooth, have clear faces. And I like the fact that the normally red hearts and diamond cards are green as well. Top notch and worth the money.

  5. KLKota

    The cards were a disappointment. I bought Green Eco cards. I thought only the backs were green. The HEARTS AND DIAMONDS WERE GREEN also. Talk about confusing for senior citizens. I play canasta with three decks of cards and my canasta playing friends hated the cards.We kept forgetting to put down red threes because they were green. The company that shipped the cards was a disappointment also. It didn’t pay to return the cards because I would lose more on postage than the cards cost. I purchased a black deck from them directly over the phone. Imagine my dismay when the cards arrived and they were blue. I called the company and they sent another deck of cards, supposedly black, which also turned out to be blue. At that point I just gave up on the company.

  6. Philip

    As always I enjoy the great quality of Bicycle cards. From the packaging to the design, the experience is amazing. Plus, these are eco-friendly which is a great benefit in my mind. The only drawback is that others complained about the color saying that it “made their eyes feel weird” or “looked to monotone.” As a result, they elected to go with other cards 9 times out of 10. Of everything to love about this product, the only downside is the color scheme.

  7. Peggy

    These are absolutely awesome! And, for the record, they got rid of the plastic, so now they are 100% plastic free and 100% recyclable! Absolutely awesome. I ended up getting 10 for a party. Please mark if you find my review helpful. Thank you so much!

  8. Annastina Sims

    was looking for a cheap playing card that is a little different or unique. I love these, however, some elderly people (cough cough my parents) I played cards with did complain about having a hard time telling the green from the black face cards. Due to the fact that these pretty olive green face cards aren’t as vibrant as the classic red face cards

  9. Oghma Infinium

    The cards are surprisingly sturdy and the box is well made. I actually prefer the handle of these cards over regular bicycle cards and they seem to be better for the environment which makes me worry less about getting rid of them once they get too worn out. A very good deck of cards for casual play, cardistry, or learning magic tricks as it will be a deck you will not be afraid to tear apart.

  10. Shannon

    I got it more to use as a craft, and it was a beautiful deck. I almost didn’t want to mess with it. It feels nice, looks nice, everything. The green ink could be a little difficult to play with, but like I said, I used it as craft pieces, and the subtle green looks beautiful overall. Unless you’re playing something like speed perhaps, I don’t think the green v. black particularly matters. If anything, it’d probably help focus your eyesight quicker, because it’s not like it’s impossible to tell the differences.

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