Gentleman Jon Safety Razor Shaving Kit | Vintage Wet Shave Grooming Set for Men


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  • COMPLETE MEN’S SHAVING KIT: The Gentleman Jon Shaving Kit for Men is a comprehensive set that includes a safety razor, badger hair brush, alum block, shave soap, stainless steel bowl, and five razor blades – everything needed for a luxurious, comfortable and smooth wet shave experience. With its compact design, our product is also a suitable travel companion to those who value traditional shaving, ensuring a neat shave even while on the go.
  • SAFETY RAZOR SET: Our safety razor set for men provides a close shave without causing irritation or razor burn. It comes with five razor blades that are easy to change, and the razor is also designed to be easy to clean. The set also includes an alum block to soothe the skin and prevent nicks and cuts after shaving.
  • SHAVING BRUSH AND BOWL: This set provides a luxurious shaving experience with a badger hair brush and stainless steel bowl that create a rich lather to lift hairs for a smooth shave. This shaving set for men is perfect for anyone who wants a comfortable and luxurious shaving experience.
  • SANDALWOOD SHAVE SOAP: Our set includes sandalwood shaving soap that is formulated with a blend of natural oils and ingredients that nourish and protect the skin. It helps soothe the skin and prevent irritation and razor burn. When combined with water and the shaving hair brush, the soap creates a thick, creamy lather that helps to soften the hair and moisturize the skin for a smooth, comfortable shave.
  • UPGRADE YOUR SHAVE: Shaving is more than just a chore, it’s a ritual that every man deserves to enjoy. Experience the feeling of a smooth and comfortable shave with high-quality safety razors, badger hair brushes, and nourishing shave soap. It’s time to take your shave to the next level and feel what it’s like to shave like a true gentleman.
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(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for Gentleman Jon Safety Razor Shaving Kit | Vintage Wet Shave Grooming Set for Men

  1. Amazon Customer

    I recently moved and my shaving supplies ended up in storage. I had to get something quick and this was meant to be a throw away item but it works great

  2. Timmy

    The kit came as described but actually better. I was worried the razor and bowl would be out and jostling around hitting each other during shipping. But, to my relief, they were boxed up in their own tight fitting cardboard boxes.The Bowl: Nothing to fancy about the bowl. It’s a little small. It has laser etched with the gentlemen Jon logo and was well done. Being stainless, at least I believe it’s stainless, it conducts heat in a fast efficient manner. But having those properties, it also loses heat quickly; so a warm sink of water will do wonders keeping your lather nice and warm. Keep in mind that there is no place to keep your shave soap after you open it. (You’re not supposed to build lather on top of the soap itself.) keeping that in mind, invest in a ceramic mug. It will take longer to warm up, but will retain heat for lather longer. Also, most ceramic mugs have handles that help to hold them solidly while whipping up a lather. Be warned that this bowl gets very slick when wet.The soap: I really liked the included soap puck. It smells nice, and the scent is not overpowering like some soaps can be. Leaves a nice slick base for smooth shaving of the face. I did have an issue on my second pass with against the grain shaving, but I have 600 grit sandpaper for a face, and attribute the roughness to that.The brush: Nothing to fancy here. Appears to be common pure badger hair, don’t be expecting a silvertip quality brush at this kits’ price. It gets the job done. I did have a couple of hairs fall out on first use, but most brushes I’ve used do that being new. Remember to use it with warm, not hot water, as the hot water will melt the glue holding the hairs in.The Razor: This razor feels very nice as far as weight goes. Good head weight but not as heavy as some other razors made today. Handle is longer than most, making this a great kit for the starting wet shaver switching from a cartridge setup. Remember to always let the razor do the work. More pressure you apply, more of a chance of life blood leaving your neck. The handle itself is one piece, and the head coming apart in two pieces. (see pics) the handle has the female threads, while the head has the male threads that screw into the handle. Knurled finish on the razor is top notch. No uneven ridges. The head of the razor itself has the brand laser etched as well and really shines against a vanity light. Looks slick.The Blades: The blade. The piece de resistance of a good shave in my opinion. The handle length and head weight of a razor can only do so much if the blade is lacking. I really rate these included Astra blades at a 2-3 sharpness level out of 5. (5 being the most aggressive, closet shave.) Again, think beginner level blades here. Sharp enough to get the job done, but not so sharp you’re leaving a trail of blood droplets to the first aid kit. I tend to use feather blades for my third, against the grain cuts, due to coarseness of neck hair, and use a less sharp blade with the grain. Best advise is to buy a variety pack and find your own preferences. Everyone’s skin is different. My skin isn’t very sensitive, so I tend to lean towards sharper, less forgiving blades like feather. The Astras included are great for the beginning shaver that are a little wary about their beginning journey to wet shaving awesomeness. It’s nice that they’re numbered too, if you like to keep track of what side of the razor blade you’re using for certain cuts. ie, first pass, second pass, etc.The Alum. Bloc: Second to last in your shave steps, but a first rate product is the potassium alum. block. Closes pores, stops weepers, and cools the face. Also lets you know what spot has been invisibly irritated from shaving. ie, burns a bit. Being potassium alum. Not ammonium alum., it doesn’t sting as bad and is actually naturally occurring. (Ammonium alum. is man made) my blocks’ container doesn’t securely close so it will pop open if jostled, but will stay closed while on the counter. The block I received wasn’t cut very square, but I’m kinda OCD about things.Overall: Great starter kit that will get the beginning wet shaver a start in the right direction without paying crazy prices and leaving room for upgrades later. If you’re considering going into the art of wet shaving, this kit should be towards the top of your list.

  3. CC

    This set, even though not a high priced set or flashy, is very good.The old saying you get what you pay for is mostly true, but here is a rare case that you actually get more then you pay for.

  4. Michael

    This is the first wet shave kit I have ever bought and used. I have wanted to try for a while and this seemed like a good deal. And it is! Kit comes with everything you need to start wet shaving, including instructions. I still watched a YouTube video before shaving but overall it really didn’t take long to learn.One downside though is the brush, I am not a huge fan of it. It has a slightly strange smell right out of the box (which goes away when you wash it) and it seems to loose 5-10 bristles each time I use it. Even still, I would recommend this product.

  5. The Hiatt Group

    Now, if we could get his Dad back from Heaven so he could see him shaving. ❤️

  6. Ernesto

    Great looking set!

  7. Kacie

    Got this for my bf & he absolutely loves everything!

  8. Courtney & Eric

    and I still love using it to this day.

  9. Eric

    I will not be switching over to this kind of razor. If I’m spending this much on shaving equipment, I’ve decided that I’ll just stick with modern safety razors and their disposable heads. This is, however, a fun little gimmick and a throwback to the past, and all of the materials in this kit are of a high quality as far as I can tell, especially the razor itself. It was certainly fun, and I’ll still play around with it on mornings that I have too much time on my hands.This takes longer and does a slightly poorer job than modern razors, and I can only imagine someone seriously using this as their daily driver to take advantage of the seriously cheap-in-the-long-run blades, or in protest to politically-charged commercials made by certain companies that shall not be named.

  10. Christopher Ford

    I’ve never used a safety razor and had no idea what I was doing. I’ve just bought a can of Gillette shaving gel and Fusion 5 razors (or whatever the latest and greatest was) for years. I’ve suffered from horrible ingrown hairs for years and always leveled up whenever they came out with a head with more blades. Then I discovered recently that was exactly the opposite of what I should have been doing. Rather than increase the number of blades, I should be using fewer blades – preferably ONE blade. I wish I would have taken pictures when I received this starter kit. First, it is very nicely packaged and everything was included as shown in the photos. For a beginner like me, I can’t say whether the blades are good, great or the best. I can’t say the soap is good, great or the best either. What I can say is they’re great for me. I had a great time learning about shaving with a safety razor, building up the lather with the soap, using that brush that takes me back to the barber shop. I love this set. The razor is sturdy and I have yet to nick myself!

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