Green Toys Shape Sorter for 6 months +, Green/Blue


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  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Recycled Plastic
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • No BPA, phthalates, PVC, or external coatings
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8 x 5.2 x 8 inches

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August 21, 2018






Green Toys

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(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for Green Toys Shape Sorter for 6 months +, Green/Blue

  1. Amazon Customer

    Greatgrandbaby enjoys playing

  2. Brea D

    This is just such a great toy. I got it for my son when he was around a year old and he is 16 months now and still loves it–it really grows with them as they get better at figuring it out.

  3. Mary Ryan

    Our grandson is 18 months old. He likes matching the shapes, but the toy is a little hard to handle on his own. It has to be positioned just right to fit all of the pieces.

  4. Mich

    I actually bought this one on sale just to go in the living room toybox for when company comes over with little ones. These Green Toys are absolutely the best, hands down! What’s not to love? The minute you recieve one you relize the substantial and durable quality of them. They are easy to clean and I literally can not fathom any saftey hazards whatsoever with these toys (other than if the are used as a projectile, but that is the case with most toys that are not fabric, so obviously if there is a baby in the bunch with some older toddlers or so, you should still have your eyes on the kids). I love that they are all dishwasher safe for sterilizing. We have decided to keep all the Green Toys in a toy box in our main livingroom for 2 reasons. When we have company with children or playmates visiting, they can all just dive into these toys and we don’t have the aggravation of my grandson’s other toys being dragged out with multiple pieces, and those are not all small child safe, and we can not just throw them in the dishwasher afterwards as we can these. These are literally worry free toys when children are visiting (other than the aforementioned throwing, or maybe banging over the head, so yes you still must parent as we should be anyway). Second, after dinner, when there is just a small window of time for bath and playtime before bed, these are hassle free and the only toys we let him drag out because they are simple and easy pickup. BONUS, they are MADE IN THE USA, and of completely recycled materials. I have not seen that many quality toys like these other than ones made in the 1940’s or so, where good craftsmanship (as these are) mattered, even in a toy. We have at least 2 dozen of these toys and they have become an awesome gift item especially when they go on sale, which is often. They are literally the PERFECT toys!

  5. Al

    I really wanted to love this toy! I bought it myself for baby’ First Christmas. We received two other sorters as gifts. I didn’t even take the others out of their packaging until weeks after Christmas. This one is harder for a young baby to play with. The shapes are along the edges of the saucer so it can be hard to put in two pieces in a row. Also, the saucer shape of the toy makes it tip when trying to put a piece in. I think this toy will be better with an older baby/toddler that can stabilize the toy and is more coordinated when putting the pieces in. It will also be easier for an older child to take apart the saucer and put it back together. For a younger baby (6-month-olds to ??), it is a little too hard. We have not gotten to a good age for this toy, so I don’t know when we will be able to use it more. If you are buying for an older baby/toddler it is a solid toy made from recycled materials here in the USA. I do like that there are two of each shape. We use the shapes with the Fisher Price shapes to build towers. My baby has gotten more use from the Fisher Price My First Blocks, but I am holding out hope that this one will be used when baby is older.Update: every child is different, but mine was able to start really playing with this between 12 and 16 months. By that I mean that she started putting shapes into the correct openings, but she still needs help sometimes to stabilize it. She started putting the two pieces of the space ship together, but not twisting them shut. When she was younger she would carry it around and shake it to make sound. We then started putting the two side of the space ship on the floor like a puzzle.Edit: I don’t remember the exact age my child was able to use this as intended but it was somewhere around 18 months. She is able to steady it with one hand and put the pieces in with the other. She is also able to open and close it. I am going to give it another star. If it worked for the advertised age range, I would give it 5 stars. If you are getting this for an older child, it is a nice toy.

  6. Vinicius Araujo

    Very easy to use, my baby loved it. Only thing is that it only came with 1 star

  7. Meygin Sue

    Bought for my two year old to practice learning shapes, color, and increase fine motor skills. This toy is well made and doesn’t feel cheap! Easy to wipe down to to keep clean!

  8. kristin Zueger

    This is like the traditional shape puzzles that you grew up with. It is easy to twist open and close without opening when your child is playing with it. The toy is sturdy and my child chooses to play with this for 10 or 15 minutes every day.

  9. V. Wu

    I’ve purchased a bunch of products by Green Toys, and I’ve found them to be quite sturdy and durable for the money, albeit a little pricey unless there’s a sale. When I saw this one, I was excited to have a “green” option for a shape sorter toy, since the other popular one is the Fisher Price version, which I am not sure is BPA free. Although that one is cheaper, I bought this one because I’ve found this brand to have pretty good quality toys, and I like the fact that they are BPA free and made out of recycled materials. In practice, however, I think this is a little difficult to use for its intended purpose. I find that the shape of the container makes it hard to actually put all the pieces into it. Once you put a few in, the thing is pretty much full, so that the pieces are sticking out of the holes and the kid is not really able to dump the pieces in with a satisfying drop. I would probably rather prefer a rectangle or square shaped container so that you can fit all the pieces in easily, or at least a larger one for that matter. I do like how you just twist the top and bottom to separate them though, because it means that it will most likely stay closed when you want it to, versus some sort of hinged top. However, this means you pretty much have to release the pieces for your child, unless they’re old enough to know how to unscrew it, which means it’s not really a toy you can give them to play with for an extended period of time without having to help them get the pieces back out. In that sense, I suppose a loose/hinged top would be more preferable so they can just turn it over and dump the pieces out.

  10. SageG

    My 7 month old entertains hisself with this toy all day long . Like this thing is amazing, his hand eye coordination is improving, he’s starting to crawl towards it, freaking A+ toy y’all. & he can’t even sort shapes yet he’s just banging the blocks around & grabbing for different ones. This toy will be played with for a long time, I can tell already.

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