Happsy Organic Mattress, Healthy and Safe Mattress with Organic Latex and Encased Coils, Non-Toxic, Queen


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  • Organic Mattress: Sleep safe knowing your mattress passes all government flammability requirements and still 100% GOTS certified and maintains UL/GREENGUARD certifications for low chemical emissions
  • Best of Both Worlds: This organic hybrid mattress relieves pressure points thanks to the organic latex and supports with encased coils that cradle your unique body
  • Firm Support: It is recommended that most sleep on a firm mattress for best comfort, making the Happsy Organic Mattress universally comfortable
  • Sleep Healthy: Your good night’s sleep starts with only the best materials. Organic cotton, organic wool, organic latex, sugarcane PLA, with a glue-less encased steel coil innerspring
  • Made in USA: Happsy makes all our mattresses right here in the USA from domestic and imported components and are shipped to you rolled and ready for relaxation
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Weight103 kg
Dimensions10 × 80 × 60 cm
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10 x 80 x 60 inches

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103 pounds



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June 26, 2018



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(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for Happsy Organic Mattress, Healthy and Safe Mattress with Organic Latex and Encased Coils, Non-Toxic, Queen

  1. Melissa VanWinkle

    I don’t think I have ever written an Amazon review but happsy has earned it! Being new parents we searched for a safe mattress since reading a study linking polyurethane to SIDS. Although this mattress was a little more than we were hoping to spend it was worth every penny. Not only is this a safe option for baby it’s so comfortable. My husband my self and our 10 month old all sleep great. Some of the reviews say there is an odor. We were experiencing this so tried to wash the cover(don’t do this. The cover shrank and did not wash well at all😅) after calling the company they explained the smell and that it’s totally normal. Even with the cover being shrunk they agreed to process the return! Super amazing and easy to deal with. They send a company out to pick up the mattress and donate it I believe? After talking with my husband and explaining the smell and that it will eventually fade and is nothing harmful to our baby we feel much more settled and decided to order another mattress. On top of being a safe and comfortable mattress we’re overly impressed with how pleasant this company is as a whole.

  2. WanderingOrganic

    Mattress is hard for side sleepers. We even have the mattress topper and I thought it would add a measure of comfort \softness – yet it does not.My husband does like that it really is an”do not disturb” mattress. When he gets out of bed the bed doesn’t shake at all.My back is very sore from this mattress. I had to sleep with a pillow under my back for the 1st month to get my back used to the hard mattress.I don’t mind the smell of the rubber – I actually kind of liked it.

  3. P Edwards

    I love this mattress so much. We were in the market for a new mattress after growing out of a queen (kids 🙄) and after considering a number of other organic, natural options, we landed on this one because it was within our budget. Our previous mattress was a plush, high-quality (though not eco friendly) pillow top mattress so this one was definitely firmer. After sleeping on it for nearly two years, I got the topper and it made a good mattress GREAT. I am very satisfied with our purchase and have full confidence it will last for many years to come.P.S. the mattress does smell like natural latex and wool when it first arrives. It took a few weeks for the smell to dissipate but I didn’t mind it at all. I actually found it to be a quite pleasant smell. Every once in a while, I get a whiff of it and it still doesn’t bother me at all. I’d rather smell it than the awful chemical offgassing of other conventional mattresses.

  4. generalp2

    I could never have imagined that this mattress would arrive in a tall box, perhaps 18 inches square. The mattress was rolled up and pressure packed so that it was a fraction of it’s normal size. It weighed 130 pounds so it took two men to move it to our bedroom (UPS will only bring it to the door). When we unpacked it and a cut the plastic wrap with the cutter supplied with it, it opened up into the mattress shown here. It had NO odor, which is why we ordered it. We will sleep on it tonight but so far it feels great when I laid on it. I would never have thought I could order a king mattress on Amazon but so far it seems like we not only did so, but did so successfully. I recommend this product, which far exceeds in quality and price than the Sterns and Foster mattress we bought from Bloomingdale’s and had to return because its out-gassing was overwhelming. DO NOT BUY STERNS AND FOSTER unless you don’t mind an overpowering chemical smell that took three days to clear out of our bedroom AFTER we removed that mattress and sent it back to Bloomingdales!!! (We were forced out of our bedroom for a total of 7 days by that bad experience). Buy this Happsy Mattress and your life will be great, at least ours is now. Next morning: Mattress is great. Good night’s sleep. We are very happy with this product and the whole delivery process.

  5. Sniggih

    12/05/2020 I’ve had my Happsy bed a little over two years now and while I love that it is organic, I have to change my review. My Queen size mattress is sagging. I looked at my kitty laying on the bed the other day and I realized that it was sagging where she was laying and she only weighs 9 lbs. Granted, I certainly weigh more than my cat, but I am not a giant, I am not obese, and I actually rotate the mattress. This mattress is rated medium firm, but I can’t see how. I don’t want a rock hard bed but I also don’t want a squishy, soft bed. I am primarily a side sleeper, not sure if that matters. So now I am on the hunt again for a non-toxic bed. UghMy last bed was a traditional Serta that lasted for maybe 20 yrs. I flipped that thing and rotated it like crazy and it lasted for such a long time. Dang I hate shopping for a mattress. Hope that my review helps you in your search.Original Review:I received my bed last night. Although it’s a “bed in a box” it’s a very hefty thing. Not light weight or flimsy. So far, I LOVE IT! My back has been hurting and I had to travel for business. Sleeping on another bed made me realize that I probably had to replace my mattress. I just happened to get an email about toxic mattresses so I started doing my research and was very pleased to find Happsy. I certainly did not want a toxic bed and I am so glad that I purchased the Happsy bed. This bed is quite comfortable and supportive. I would never add a topper as I like a nice, firm but not hard support in a bed. I have only had it one night so will come back later and give an update. So far, this is well worth the cost. Thank you!

  6. Quinn P.

    You will likely be satisfied during your initial 120 day trial window. We were. We initially had no complains.For reference – we purchased this mattress mid 2021. At the time of writing this review it is mid-2022. Just over 12 months have elapsed since owning this mattress.Over the last number of months the mattress internals/materials/coils have started to fail. Where I sleep in the bed has created a “pit/crater” that is no longer supportive and feels entirely different than the mattress did when we first purchased it. In order to avoid the “pit/crater” that is now in this bed, I need to shift my entire body over a foot or two.I shouldn’t be shopping for a new mattress a year after spending over $1,500 on this one. I think we got enticed by the “organic” claims when we likely should have spent half the money on a more-established low to mid tier mattress brand.I’d say go ahead and skip this mattress if you want something that will last you a long time.2 stars instead of 1 because it’s “organic.”

  7. Leinaala Ley

    I am furnishing my first home and am trying to be all eco-friendly which is extremely difficult. Many of the options are crazy expensive. For example, only fully eco-friendly sofa options (VOC-free, wool and latex pillows) are $5,000! However, Happsy delivers on these eco-promises at an affordable price. I have been sleeping on my mattress for a month and couldn’t be happier. I do naturally prefer a little bit firmer mattress because I sleep on my stomach so the firmness is perfect for me. However, you can order an additional “topper” if you prefer softer. I am really happy this mattress is on the market. Also, shipped to Hawaii in good time and arrived on my doorstop all rolled up- easy to move and unroll. There was some discoloration on the mattress cover that worried me at first but it is the natural wool coloring. I am happy with this mattress!

  8. Satisfied Customer

    I bought this bed for my son’s trundle. I was thrilled with the packaging and it unrolls just as described. I saw on the reviews that the mattress is taller than described and saw others’ measurements. Based on those measurements, I determined the height wouldn’t be too tall. Lucky for me, I built my son’s bed at loft height with room to spare. It’s a good thing I did. This bed unfurled to a height of more than 11″ — several inches taller than described, even in the reviews. If I had no other choice, I would have had to return it. The mattress however is very comfortable and is just the kind of non-toxic product I was hoping to find for my family. Quality-wise I LOVE it. I am sleeping on it myself and considering buying the larger queen or king size for our bedroom.

  9. sorcha

    I’d bought one of these for a family member so I knew it would be comfortable. But I balked a little at spending this much for a mattress for myself. But reading about the toxic off-gassing of regular mattresses was a wake-up call. (If you have concerns about this, do some research for “best organic mattresss.”) I didn’t just want a comfortable mattress; I wanted one that didn’t contain formaldehyde and other toxic materials. I’m happy I decided that I deserve a comfortable, safe mattress.

  10. Daniel

    Great deal for a non-toxic mattress. I was skeptical due to the good price but it has lived up to our expectations. No fumes or bad smells. Lots of guests have slept on it and everyone has given it great reviews. Also, the company has fantastic customer service.

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