House of Marley Stir It Up Wireless Turntable: Vinyl Record Player, Sustainable Materials


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  • SUPERIOR AUDIO: A new spin on an old classic, our Stir It Up Wireless Turntable offers a modular Audio Technica cartridge and built-in pre-amp and delivers premium audio quality and lets you enjoy your every sonic detail of your favorite vinyl records. If you prefer to use your own pre-amp, simply switch the internal amp off to connect one of your choice.
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Weight12.13 kg
Dimensions15.74 × 15.74 × 3.15 cm
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15.74 x 15.74 x 3.15 inches

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12.13 pounds



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August 29, 2019


House of Marley

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(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for House of Marley Stir It Up Wireless Turntable: Vinyl Record Player, Sustainable Materials

  1. Tony R.

    I bought this when it was on sale for $199. To get a table at that price with an aluminum platter, the ability to upgrade the cartridge or add an external preamp later was pretty compelling. Bluetooth, USB, headphone output were all cute but not must-haves. It was easy to setup and sounds pretty good. The Bluetooth drops briefly occationally and the internal preamp is a bit noisy. At it’s regular price of $249 There are likely better performers from Fluance, U-Turn, or Audio Technica. But, since this is my first table after 35 years of digital-only music the Stir It Up by HOM is lots of fun and a great starting point! Oh, yeah, and being such a “green” product checks a box too!

  2. M. Whatley

    First off, this is easy to set up with fairly clear yet minimal instructions (just one sheet). Open the box-in-a-box-in-a-box, pull out the turntable, grab the platter, use one of the special holes in the platter to reach your finger through and separate the SMALL rubber belt stored AROUND the center of the underside of the platter. When you look underneath at first, you will initially notice what is on the INSIDE of the center, but you want the more diminutive elastic band on the outside of that center ring. Drop the platter on the base, pop that belt around the gold spindle, drop the mat on the turntable, and you are already 90% of the way there. The rest of the instructions for setting up the hardware are perfectly clear so I will move on to the Bluetooth setup.Bluetooth pairing is easier than I expected. Even when doing it the first time, I asked myself, “How is this going to work?” because I am used to having a readout that helps me verify the connection via a pairing code. The trick here is to make sure you only have ONE bluetooth receiver in pairing mode. Once you have the receiver / headphones set to pair, just turn on the turntable, press the BT button to turn it on, then press it once more to connect. That’s it!Bluetooth audio, which is all I have used so far, sounds fantastic. I’ve paired with headphones and also with a nice, loud stereo receiver. Keep in mind your sound quality ceiling is determined by both the turntable AND by the receiving device.I love the aesthetic, the sound, the use of recycled materials, the ease of connection. We have a more complicated turntable / preamp / EQ / receiver setup in another room, and this is just TREMENDOUSLY more accessible. On our “higher end” turntable setup, I feel like I need to perform a ceremony every time I want to give something a listen; the House of Marley turntable will get so much more use, I will get to really enjoy our vinyl collection so much more, and I haven’t even done the wired setup yet. Even when still digital-ish due to the BT connection, the sound quality blows away the streamers.So anyway, I obviously recommend this. And regarding the fabric dust cover, I dig it, and it’s less visible plastic in the aesthetic. This is my third record player purchase in about 10 years and far, far and away the best of the three (and the middle price of the three).

  3. Cindi

    This was on my daughters wish list for Christmas. She and her husband want a Bluetooth turntable and after a lot of research they chose this one. It sounded wonderful and was easy to set up. Much higher quality than the Crosley suitcase style record player that she currently has. She and her husband are just getting into the record collecting and appreciation side of music and this was a nice choice for them as you don’t need a receiver or any complicated set up, yet you still get quality sound. I gave a vintage record to them with the player. because it was vintage, It was of course not flat. With a slight warping, the turntable and stylus adjusted well, and the sound was terrific. I recommend this product.

  4. M. Piedmonte

    First turntable wouldn’t connect to the Bluetooth speakers. Contacted House of Marly and they replaced it under their warranty. Customer Service (Naomi) was helpful.

  5. Scott

    The first thing you notice when you open the package, is the extra thought and care that went into packing it. The components were very well packaged and you can tell that someone actually spent some time putting it all together. It came with all kinds of wires and 4 different outlet adapters to fit wherever you might live. I am very impressed with the quality construction and it looks terrific! The operation was flawless and it quickly paired by BT with my various speakers and receiver. The range is acceptable, and doesn’t lose signal as long as it is within 15 feet or so of my speaker. The drive unit itself is a little noisy, but certainly not obtrusive. Excellent product, well done.

  6. Steven Childress

    Bluetooth won’t connect to any device. Phone, PC, Tablet, and not even the Marley App will see the connection. Makes me sad. I love this brand. I started with the Let’s Get Together speaker and it is amazing. But this turntable leaves much to be desired. Also had a clicking problem with the spinning platter. Had to remove plastic piece and it fixed it, but boooooo that I had to do that. I’m very disappointed. Sound is good though. However, this turntable is overpriced.

  7. Nancy Stephens

    I really liked the fact that this is a good-looking, very affordable turntable. My old records from the 60s aren’t really worth an expensive, super sensitive turntable because they have scratches from many hours of playing. So this is just about perfect. The bamboo and design also make it a very attractive turntable. We have it in the living room.A suggestion to House of Marley is to include better instructions to set up the turntable. It took me a long and frustrating time to get it working and I still cannot get a bluetooth connection. I finally hooked it up by wire which I didn’t really want to do; don’t need more wires all over the place. I had to resort to going to the internet and searching on my own for help. This would be such a good opportunity for House of Marley to help customers and make them happy recommenders.I think you will like the turntable but it will take you awhile to get there.

  8. Tim

    I’m really enjoying the turntable. The get together mini sounds pretty flat when connected. Bluetooth works really well and the pairing of the speaker was super easy. I’ve since bought a mini amp and passive speakers to use with the turntable. Sound quality is massively better with my current setup over the Get together mini. Highly recommend the turntable, but skip the speakers and go a different route.

  9. Kim S.

    Took a long time to understand the precise order to turn everything on, in order to get it to work. Once I did I was very happy with it until last weekend. The system shocked me when I went to flip the record. It stopped working and a burning smell came from it. After 8 months, it is completely dead.

  10. Stephen

    This is a perfect turntable at its price point. The sound is very good through the bluetooth connection or through headphones. The materials are mostly renewable including the beautiful bamboo top. I also noticed it tracks less-than-perfect albums better than my other bluetooth turntable. One setup tip I would give is to start with the anti-skate at 0 and gradually increase if needed. If this is set too high it will skate right across your records.

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