IWAS Upcycled Tall Clear Drinking Glasses | 350 ML | 12 OZ | Set of 6 | Environmentally Friendly Clear Glasses


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Brand IWAS
Color Clear
Special Feature Sturdy
Style Modern
350 Milliliters
Item Weight
340.19 Grams

  • Glassware made from old wine glass bottles, collected from landfills – the perfect way to reuse and upcycle.
  • Handmade, zero waste – make your tumbler set purchase a part of a global movement.
  • Sustainable and provides local enterpreneurs the chance to upscale their life.
  • Tableware with smoothed rounded rim on each drinking glass for easy use in dishwasher.
  • Glasses Drinking Set of 6, 350 ml. Perfect glass tumbler for cocktails. Very sturdy water glasses, gin glasses, vodka glasses, whiskey glass or pint glasses
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Additional information

Weight12 kg
Dimensions2.9 × 5 cm




Special Feature




Specific Uses For Product

Cold Drinks





Product Care Instructions

Machine Wash

Age Range (Description)


Unit Count

6.0 Count

Product Dimensions

2.9"W x 5"H

Number of Items


Item Weight

12 ounces



Date First Available

April 17, 2023



Reviews & Ratings

(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for IWAS Upcycled Tall Clear Drinking Glasses | 350 ML | 12 OZ | Set of 6 | Environmentally Friendly Clear Glasses

  1. Clyde & Shauna

    OK so first off I was surprised at how small these turned out to be. They’re cut off beer bottles with a frost dipped bottom. I guess I was hoping they’d be more…funky? Other than a few slight color variations they’re all made from the exact same bottle (AB InBev, clear, a bit wide…Michelob maybe?). I thought each glass would be more…unique? They feel more “produced” than I expected. I like the frosted bottom but it looks & feels fragile. Even tho it says these are dishwasher safe I am skeptical it will hold up. Probably should be hand washed. If I had a busy family and these were for every day use I’d be worried but I plan to only use them for occasional entertaining so they’ll be just fine.

  2. Nicky Bliss

    Nice and sturdy but…
    These are nice and sturdy but a few of the glasses in the set have scratches and all the bottles used to make them have clear mould seams which is a pitty. They dont look as smart as in the photos.

  3. Bainca

    Sip of sustainable elegance
    These glasses spoke the silent language of sustainability, each sip a reminder of a journey from discard to refined elegance. They were a harmonious blend of ethics and aesthetics, rendering each drink a melody of environmental consciousness. Their sturdy demeanor whispered tales of artisan craftsmanship. However, the variance in colours could be more harmonious, a dance of uniform elegance. They remain a silent ode to sustainable luxury.

  4. Boggles The Three

    Make for decent drinking glasses while also saving some glass from ending up in landfill.
    Initially I wasn’t so sure about these glasses as they are after all, made from used bottles. Once I got over the initial impression I went ahead and washed them all thoroughly before using despite them being fully clean before that; kind of seemed pointless as they only really needed a rinse but eh, doesn’t hurt to be careful right?The glasses are pretty strong, it’s not immediately obvious that they started life as a glass bottle and honestly if anyone wasn’t aware of that, they probably wouldn’t be any the wiser.The glasses look pretty good, they have a frosted effect on the bottom portion with plain glass making up the remaining portion.I would absolutely purchase these in the future.

  5. Sarah

    I like these glasses. Mine did look like they had a slight mark or dent in it but I think that’s just the way they’re made, as they’re all from recycled materials. The fact that they’re environmentally friendly is great. The capacity is good as well

  6. a lisa

    nice and sturdy
    what to expect from sturdy glass bottles: they don’t break easily, they do well in the dishwasher, they look good, and, important, they are recycled.good glasses!

  7. Sophie

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     It features a polished exterior base, adding a layer of sophistication to the glass’s appearance. This polishing not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also improves the glass’s grip on the table, preventing slippage, The raised center of the glass base adds to this anti-slip feature. These glasses are crafted from repurposed glassware like discarded beer bottles, embodying a sustainable approach to production. each glass has a capacity of 350 ml (or 35 cl), and there are 6 glasses in the set, This capacity is certainly ample to meet the daily needs of a family, providing plenty of glasses for various beverages throughout the day. However, there are minor imperfections, such as 2 visible vertical lines from the glass’s processing, which can be felt to the touch( as shown in the picture and video ). Regarding the price of £39.95, comparing it to similar products, it might be considered slightly on the expensive side.

  8. Dorian Peters

    Best glasses
    These are the perfect size and feel for a glass with plenty of room for ice and they’re pretty too. Love em.

  9. A. Roberton

    Every day recycled glasses
    When I saw these glasses I thought they were a brilliant idea as they have been made from old glass so no new glass is being made which reduces energy costs in their production.You get a pack of 6 glasses well boxed in cardboard. The glasses hold 350ml of liquid and stand 13cm high.The glass is quite thick almost like a wine bottle the rim is well finished and the base and bottom has a frosted appearance. Not all the glasses look the same, which is due to them being recycled so you would not expect a perfect finish, however they are smooth to the touch and feel strong.These glasses would be great for fruit juice or water and would be perfect for children as they are thicker and easier to hold.The glasses are dishwasher safe and they say they are break resistant, but I cannot comment on this as I have not dropped one! I also do not know if they chip easier as it is recycled glass, but they do feel well made.The box of 6 glasses are £39.95 which I feel may be a bit expensive and won’t encourage most people to use recycled glasses.

  10. Dragos Ionut

    Very solid.
    Not perfectly rounded,they have some shape and composition irregularities but still they look good and maybe these imperfections were adding a bit of class.Very,very sturdy,easy to clean and perfect size for a drinking glass (350 ml).

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