LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis – Lightweight Self-Cleaning Stainless Steel Water Bottle with UV Water Sanitizer,


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Brand: LARQ
Material: Stainless Steel
Bottle Type: Watter Bottle with UV Water Sanitizer
Color: Black/Pine
Capacity: 710 Milliliters

  • NEUTRALIZES BACTERIA FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND – using innovative non-toxic mercury-free UV-C LED technology to sanitize water and clean the inner surfaces of the bottle by neutralizing odor-causing bacteria and viruses
  • FRESH WATER IN 60 SECONDS – Works at the touch of a button and self-cleans by intelligently activating every 2 hours to keep your bottle fresh and stink-free.
  • ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT AND NON-INSULATED – single-walled build so you can hydrate without the weight
  • BPA & PLASTIC FREE – enjoy fresh water without replacement filters and with chemical free sanitization
  • LONG-LASTING POWER and SPLASH PROOF – up to a month on a full charge with USB rechargeable Li-polymer battery and a waterproof IPX7-rate MicroUSB for your peace of mind (MicroUSB to USB charging cable is included). EPA Establishment Number 99150-CHN-7
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Additional information

Weight10.7 kg
Dimensions10.39 cm



Stainless Steel

Bottle Type

‎Watter Bottle with UV Water Sanitizer




‎710 Milliliters

Special Feature


Age Range (Description)

Any Age Group

Product Dimensions

‎2.99"W x 10.39"H

Product Care Instructions

Hand Wash Only

Model Name

‎LARQ Bottle Movement

Number of Items






Unit Count

1.0 Count

Part Number


Item Weight

‎10.7 ounces

Country of Origin


Item model number



‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)




‎710 Milliliters

Item Package Quantity


Number of Pieces


Measurement System


Special Features


Included Components

‎LARQ Bottle Movement, PureVis MicroUSB charging cable, Quick Start Guide

Batteries Included?


Batteries required


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Polymer



Date First Available

January 11, 2021



Reviews & Ratings

(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis - Lightweight Self-Cleaning Stainless Steel Water Bottle with UV Water Sanitizer,

  1. Bob

    This is a great idea for a product and Larq obviously put a lot of effort into it. These are the most stylish water bottles I’ve ever seen–in all the various color combinations between the bottle itself and the non-slip sleeve. It’s also very easy to use, with a simple and informative “user interface” of multi-color LEDs.Some things to be aware of:1) Like all UV water purifiers, you shouldn’t use it with turbid water–it’s essential the UV-C rays be able to penetrate the water throughout the bottle to disinfect it properly.2) The top cap, which contains the electronics, the UV emitter LED and the rechargeable Lithium battery is *not* water proof, so when you wash the bottle, you can’t really submerge or wash the cap conventionally. I decided to use alcohol wipes on mine, as alcohol kills germs and evaporates quickly.3) You should always avoid directly viewing UV light, as it can damage your eyes. To that end, the cap has a safety feature such that when you remove the cap from the bottle, the power level to the UV LED is reduced. This feature, though, works off of a light sensor–if the cap is removed from the bottle, exposing the electronics to ambient light, the safety is activated. Unfortunately this approach is not the most reliable in that if you take the cap off in subdued light or darkness, the sensor won’t detect the cap is exposed and the LED will continue to operate at full power.I’d rather have seen a mechanical switch or magnetic sensor which would insure that no matter the ambient conditions, the safety would always activate if the cap is removed from the bottle.I glad this unit uses a standard Micro-USB charging port compared to some similar products which use proprietary charging connectors/cables–that way it is easy to replace a lost, worn out or damaged cable. I would however, have liked to have seen included an attached protective cap which could be snapped into the USB charging port to protect it against bad weather, drops into puddles/creeks, or entry of foreign debris which can often happen during outdoor activities.I do agree with other reviewers, the rolled edge on the bottle is not a great idea, however I’ve had other bottles with rolled edges over the years and all I did was soak the top of the bottle in bleach for a short while when it was time to clean them. At least the cap covers the rolled edge, so the edge is not likely going to get debris in it when you are carrying the bottle around.As for the people complaining that is has a Micro-USB charging port instead of USB-C–come on, you’ve got to be kidding!Like most people, I’ve got scores of products in my home, car and gear which use Micro-USB charging ports (for example–aside from cell phones–digital cameras, e-readers, portable air compressor, handheld trail GPS, security cameras, test equipment, solar-power devices, LED flashlights, battery chargers, music players, internet radio, walkie-talkies, etc., etc.), along with dozens of Micro-USB cables that were included with them. I currently have exactly two devices with USB-C. I bought a handful of micro-USB to USB-C adapters for them.There is no advantage to using a USB-C connector on a non-data product and Micro-USB cables are cheaper and more readily available (supermarkets, gas stations, convenience stores–just about everywhere) since they are still the charging port used on the vast majority of cell phones in the entire world and will be for years to come–not everybody replaces their phone whenever a new model is released…

  2. Bonbon

    A friend had one and I was intrigued. Being bacteria-conscious is a thing these days, so I got one. It definitely does make a difference in water taste. I am drinking more water throughout the day, which is good, and I haven’t gotten sick so it must work (ha ha). Seems to be worth the price for the extra functions. I got the carrying case slip, so it has a handle and makes it easy to bring in to work or walking, etc.

  3. eden

    Love it

  4. Sparky

    It’s not the same as my old one, it doesn’t keep the coldness of my water.

  5. Jill Miller

    Love this bottle! For some reason, my tap water has developed a bad taste over the past few years and I haven’t been drinking as much water because of this. The Larq bottle really makes a huge difference in how the water tastes, plus I know the bottle itself is sanitized, and I’m back to drinking plenty of water.

  6. TTang

    Bought this after seeing the promo from Shark Tank and doing some research a few months ago. It’s a nice looking water bottle. Fits well in my hand and slim enough to travel with. I bought the model that contains the rubber/silicone grip but found the grip was more cumbersome when it came to placing in my backpack bottle holster; the silicone grip would get stuck and either come off/undone plus would constantly attract dust and debris. In the end I removed it and feel it carries better.This same model isn’t insulated and I wish I had splurged on the insulated model. It tends to sweat a lot when adding ice or cold water.As for the lid, I’m still a little skeptical on the UV light aspect. Maybe it’s a placebo but it does give me some peace of mind when filling up at the airport fountains or on tap. The lid is a lot heavier than anticipated but it makes sense for the electric components. One thing that really bothers me is the rubber gasket that seals the lid and lip. For some reason it always gets caught when taking the lid off and rolls out of place causing the lid to make an obnoxious squeak while twisting on/off. With the gasket shifted, it’s more difficult to take off the lid. Every once in a while I’ll have to jam a chopstick or something slim in the crevice to put it in place.Besides the lid issues, the bottle does its job. I still would splurge on the insulated bottle even though it’s less volume. But if you’re skeptical of the UV feature, I’d spend my money for a cheaper slim, insulated bottle.

  7. Washington DC

    Great product and I was excited to use it but it arrived with a damaged lid!

  8. Amazon Customer

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     I was a bit skeptical to be honest about the price and claims. I chose the black on black after much consideration and I must admit I made the right choice.The bottle is SO classy looking and absolutely reflects its price. I was surprised as the sturdy weighedness(not a word but the best I’ve got) of the cap. It feels luxurious and the first time I saw it light up I felt like I was living in the future!!!The first night I absolutely loved it and noticed an immediate difference in the “pure ness” of my water. My home filtered water and ice has a bit of a salty taste and this wiped that right out.I have also used tap water and the taste improves a bit but for the most part I think it is more about the cleanliness of the water.Pros: beautiful design and sleek, luxurious feel, easy to use, FUN, great taste, convenient… (wake up in the middle of the night too lazy to go to the kitchen…. boom clean tap water in a minute!)Cons: does sweat a bit if super cold or ice water is put into it. It doesn’t keep water cold and I haven’t quite been able to get rid of a SLIGHT certain metallic/ocean smell even after washing. Taste is fine but it is something I noticed.

  9. marla runge

    The shape is handy and I bought the 17 oz and May also buy a larger one.

  10. Magi 501

    I purchased this waterbottle, because it was marketed as a hiking waterbottle that would be suitable for ensuring my water remains free of bacteria, and whatever grubbies may exist in my water. To that point it seems to work.After a month of use, the water bottle still functions most of the time but every once and a while it gives me an orange ring (not disimilar from the red ring of death for all you former XBOX 360 owners) and I have to unseal it and re-seal it a few times before it works properly. It also is supposed to run itself for a brief period of time on its own each day, and it doesn’t seem to do that.After one solid fall, the water bottle top is dented and it looks vaguely like a shiny Tesla Model 3 after getting T-boned by a 2004 Honda Civic.It works to kill the bacteria, but as a hiking bottle or anything remotely outdoors it is more house cat then trail tiger.

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