LifePlus Oil Filled Heater, Portable Radiant Space Heater with Energy Saving


(10 customer reviews)
Brand: LifePlus
Special Feature: Portable, Energy Efficient, Overheat Protection
Color: Pure Black
Form Factor: Pedestal
Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor

Power Source
Corded Electric
Heating Method
Item Weight
8.29 Pounds
Heat Output
700 Watts

  • [Small and portable]- Small radiator heater has a handle design that you can easily place anywhere. The design is compact is not take up space. If you are looking for an oil heater for indoor use in a small room. Congratulations! Our product is perfect for you!
  • [Quiet and easy to use]- The oil heater works quietly, So you cannot even remember if it is still on when our products work. And it is set up so easily that do not take up any of your time. The oil-filled heater gives you a warm and quiet room with a steady flow whenever you fall asleep.
  • [Durable and without wind]- The radiator heater is a permanently sealed oil tank made of high-quality steel, so it doesn’t require refueling or changing oil. The oil radiator heater warms up the room through heat oil without wind, and you won’t worry about the air getting dry or the dust flying.
  • [Overheart safety feature]- The electric radiant heater will automatically shut down when the heater’s internal components reach a set temperature that could cause overheating. It can effectively keep your family safe.
  • [Energy saving]- Oil-filled radiator heater can heat your bedroom steadily and keep the room comfortable all day. But it doesn’t consume electricity, only tops out at 700W. So its surface is not too hot to burn the skin.
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Additional information

Weight8.29 kg
Dimensions5.11 × 16.53 × 13.77 cm


Special Feature

Portable, Energy Efficient, Overheat Protection


Pure Black

Form Factor


Indoor/Outdoor Usage


Product Dimensions

5.11"D x 16.53"W x 13.77"H

Mounting Type


Room Type

Bathroom, Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, baby room

Burner type



120 Volts

Item Weight

8.29 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

September 11, 2023



Reviews & Ratings

(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for LifePlus Oil Filled Heater, Portable Radiant Space Heater with Energy Saving

  1. Martin Austin

    This little heater is great

  2. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Likes: small and compact. Tip over feature so it won’t burn your home down. Could be used in a small rv. Live in van or camper easily. Low wattage usage. This is good if you live off grid or live at an rv camp ground. Super compact and easy to use. It’s cute.Dislike: too small heat output for a normal sized home bedroom. We even tried it in our bathroom and not enough heat when it was 19 outside and on high. Our oiled filled larger base heaters worked much better. Worth the extra $30 to stay warm. I would recommend those for your home and these for small spaces where you don’t have a lot of room for bigger oiled filled radiant heaters.

  3. Breanne

    Out of all the space heaters I’ve ever had, I must say this one is the best. It does have a fan level and 2 heat levels. With the bipolar weather in Louisiana, it got cold quickly after a few hot days. I put this heater on the higher level (mainly because I’m that person we all know who’s always cold, so when its cold we’re freezing) and this heater literally kept my hallway, living room, laundry and kitchen warm!!!! Most heaters can barely keep the area I’m sitting in warm. This heater is absolutely amazing and I definitely will be ordering another.So i did the above review a while back when I first got my heater and used it. The 3rd picture I uploaded was taken from my bathroom. I left my bedroom door open, I’m in Louisiana and our weather all of 2021 has had split personality. This heater has kept my bathroom, bedroom laundry room, kitchen and living room the entire day. Best heater I’ve ever Had!!!

  4. Sassy 1

    This is a small but very powerful little heater. I actually purchased two of them. We recently purchased a home. We prefer to use a small space heater in two cooler areas of the home rather than crank the central heat up five or more degrees in order to heat it up to suit us. We are using one in our master bathroom which is a decent sized bathroom; with high ceilings. The heat radiates into our master bedroom which is approximately 20 x 30. It really heats up rather quickly. We mainly use it before, during, and after showing and for a while afterwards on colder days and nights. I do not recommend running it unattended for long periods of time. I would recommend keeping an eye on it. This heater will become hot to the touch.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Bought this for my daughter and she loves it. Perfect size for her craft room.

  6. Tet

    What I like about this heater the most is how it turns itself off when it gets to the correct temp in the room, then will turn back on when the temp drops again. I always worry about walking away (for hours) and forgetting about space heaters and this feature gives me some peace of mind. Heat output is decent for the small mailroom I work in, and I turn the heater (position it) in whatever direction I want the heat to blow since it does not oscillate. I’ve only had this a little over a month so hopefully it will last awhile.

  7. Brian

    My home office is in our unfinished basement. In the winter it can get pretty chilly down here at night time. I bought this heater to warm my desk space up and a week of regular use, I can confirm it’s doing a great job! It keeps my feet nice and toasty and makes the area more comfortable.Between the separate fan speed and temperature dials, it’s easy to get the heating output just right!

  8. Bennettathome

    I bought this heater to use in my home office this winter. It is a great little heater because it is quiet, keeps the area at a steady temperature and is easy to adjust. I was hoping to just keep the area y my desk warm because it is a rather large room but I notice an overall increase in the whole room temperature which is pretty cool.

  9. Dissatisfied Customer

    Does not put out any heat. I have a 500w heater that puts out more heath than this heater does when its turned all the way up to high. It doesn’t even heat up a tiny room (8’x 10′). I have to use my 500w heater to heat that same room. Love the size but will not buy again. Very disappointed because I use an oil filled heater at work that heats up really fast and puts out lots of heat.

  10. sandy1beach

    Well it’s only day one with my brand new heater, made in China. But I was very happy when I unboxed it and there was absolutely no foul odor coming out! Even after turning it on and feeling all the instant warm air blowing, everything smelled completely fresh! This heater is a great value for the money! I like that is has the thermostat knob as well.

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