LiiV Women’s Daily Probiotics for Women Digestive Health Vaginal Balance & Urinary Tract Support – 60 Capsules


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  • VAGINAL BALANCE FROM NATURE – Support your feminine health with our powerful yeast-based strain blended with the probiotic strain ROSELLA to help balance the intestinal and vaginal microflora, enriched by cranberry concentrate to support UT health.
  • SELF CARE BEGINS WITH YOUR GUT – Give your gut some love with a vibrant, living source of vitality delivered in the purest form possible to help maintain healthy vaginal pH and flora diversity.
  • NURTURE YOUR LIVING ECOSYSTEM – Provides over 5 billion CFUs of pure, S. boulardii yeast clinically proven to help support gut and immune health and balance the microbiome; shelf-stable supplement can be taken on the go.
  • ALWAYS TRANSPARENT – Science-backed you can trust more than just your gut; we start with safe, carefully sourced ingredients to create beneficial supplements with only what is needed—and nothing more to help your friendly bacteria thrive.
  • WE KNOW YEAST – Expertly formulated and driven by passion and innovation, our products are a simple but powerful way to help everyone experience the benefits of a healthy microbiome; our shelf-stable blends are gluten-free, dairy-free and non-GMO.
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‎ April 6, 2023


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(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for LiiV Women's Daily Probiotics for Women Digestive Health Vaginal Balance & Urinary Tract Support - 60 Capsules

  1. WendyInWV

    As with most supplements, it seems to take time to really see if there is any change. I can say that these were easy to swallow capsules and so far I have had no ill effects. They are fairly pricey, however, which may be an issue.As always, this is my opinion only, others may have had different experiences.

  2. Terry Lei

    I have been taking women’s probiotics, which help the digestive system and vaginal pH balance. This pill is easy to swallow. The description is detailed. No discomfort after taking it.

  3. SG

    I have taken probiotics specifically formulated for women for many years, and I plan to continue to do so indefinitely. The addition of this type of supplement has positively impacted my feminine health to a significant extent, and has honestly allowed me to avoid treatments and medications from my gynecologist that were much less successful in resolving the issues.This formulation is actually very simple; it’s basically two probiotic formulations, each providing 5 billion CFUs per serving, plus cranberry concentrate for urinary tract support. Two capsules per day is the recommended dosage for these easy to swallow, odorless, tasteless capsules. They require no refrigeration, which is a huge bonus in this category of supplement.My initial reaction to the cost of this product was that it seemed high, so I reviewed the prices of 8 different women’s probiotics I have used over the years and found this to be at the high end, in fact the most expensive of the ones I’ve ordered from Amazon. Those I have taken ranged from 22 cents to this, at 61 cents per capsule. Mid-range costs were: 38 cents, 42 cents, 53 cents and 60 cents per capsule.This easy to take capsule is a great way to get just what women need for feminine health support without a lot of added ingredients. If the price were to be reduced a bit, it would be a great addition to an important niche in the health supplement market.

  4. Michelle Y.

    This is a great basic probiotic with a little bit of cranberry to help with urinary tract. I take probiotics regularly just because they’re good for overall health (mostly gut and digestive). I really like that this product has straightforward, clean ingredients, and no unnecessary added chemicals or byproducts that can be harmful (like most of the supplements these days are crammed full of). The pills are your standard gel capsules and are fairly easy to swallow. I haven’t noticed any major changes in my health however, this is more of a support product and doesn’t typically have instant results. .

  5. 💖Dannie💖

    This probiotic supplement has medium size capsules that I found easy to take, odorless, and do not leave a bad taste in my mouth after I take them.I have been taking two capsules a day and my stomach is doing good so far so, I will continue taking this probiotic supplement.

  6. Al

    I’m a big believer in taking probiotics, they definitely make a difference and finding one that also has urinary tract support in them is a bonus. They’re easy to swallow and a nice rosy shade of pink so they’re easy to pick out if you have to take a lot of pills. They’re a bit pricy for the amount you get, they recommend you take two a day so you’re effectively paying $30 for a 30 day supply. I haven’t notice much of a change from my regular probiotics compared to these but they seem to work.

  7. Yambobo

    I personally have eight different probiotic products that I rotate thru… taking a different one each day so that I am getting just about every strain of probiotic on the market. My wife however, is not big on taking supplements, so I ordered this to give her a simple probiotic formula she can take off and on.The recommended dosage is two per day, but she will probably take one about every 2 to 3 days. Since she has rarely had to take antibiotics during her life, her microbiome is probably in decent shape… so occasional use of this probiotic will probably be enough for her.The formula only contains two strains of probiotics, plus cranberry… which has been proven to help with urinary issues… both as a preventative and treatment.For a 30-day supply (if taking the recommended two per day) this is a little on the pricey end of available probiotic products… but it does seem to be a quality product. It is dairy-free and shelf stable, so no refrigeration is necessary.

  8. D. M.

    Small size easy to swallow. Safety seal on the bottle. I will update after taking for a while but no stomach or other issues so far.

  9. Cheryl

    Easy to swallow…

  10. Will G

    These pills were very easy to swallow. They are a bit on the pricey side, but am happy to pay a little more for products made in the US or Canada. It is hard to truly tell how well it works so far.

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