Mountain Voyage Minimalist Wallet for Men


(10 customer reviews)
Brand: Mountain Voyage Co
Color: Walnut Wood
Material: Aluminum
Style: Minimalist Wallet
Pattern: Solid

  • Elastic closure
  • Contemporary Mens Wallets For All Occasions – Looking for a minimalist and stylish credit card holder? Mountain Voyage men’s wallets are designed with both at the forefront. An elegant, practical and extremely versatile modern wallet for day-to-day use, vacations, work, and even occasions where you’re dressed to impress
  • Slim Wallet With Plenty Of Room – Say goodbye to stuffing bulky wallets into your pockets. This ergonomic, lightweight card wallet measures only 3.4 x 2.1 x 0.35 inches yet holds up to 15 cards and 8 bills! It slips seamlessly into your jeans, suit trousers, blazer, or shorts pockets
  • RFID Card Holder For Data Protection – Packed into this compact, slim wallet for men is state-of-the-art RFID blocking technology to block thieves from scanning and accessing your credit cards and personal information. Trust in this Mountain Voyage wallet to keep your finances and data protected
  • Perfect Gentleman’s Accessory – With a sleek color, modern metallic elements, practical money clip and plenty of room to fit all your cards – this card holder is the perfect gentleman’s accessory. The minimal wallet fits all your necessary cash and cards and is a must for everyday business or casual look
  • Deluxe Metal Wallet – Constructed from quality aluminum with rustproof metal finishes, our stylish wallets for men are made from premium materials, with outstanding manufacturing. Durable, scratch-resistant and long-lasting; the mens minimalist wallet will last for years. To prove our faith in the excellency of our design, we offer a 2-year manufacture limited warranty
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Mountain Voyage – Army Green Credit Card Wallet for Men

The perfect combination between elegance and functionality


Mountain Voyage Co. focus on providing state-of-the-art and affordable accessories that are meant to make your life easier, and that combine functionality with style. Our dedication to outstanding craftsmanship, premium materials, and innovative designs ensures our products stand the test of time and will be the perfect accessory for years to come.


Versatile in use and in style, Mountain Voyage make minimalist, stylish wallets, suitable for all occasions. Our money clip wallet with credit card holder is sleek and attractive but designed with practical use in mind. Delivered in a deluxe black box our slim wallets for men make superb gifts for your anniversary, Christmas, Father’s Day, groomsmen, and other special occasions!


In addition to the sleek design, users love our RFID credit card holder for its data protection technology. Built into each wallet is advanced RFID technology which protects your valuable information stored on RFID chips from unauthorized scanning. The RFID blocker technology is tested and approved so you can trust that it will keep your data safe.

Still not convinced – here are the highlights of the product:

  • Dimensions: 3.4 x 2.1 x 0.35 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Convenient Money Clip
  • RFID Blocking Protection
  • Slim Minimalist Design
  • Elegant and Modern
  • Includes Superb Black Box Packaging

You’ll fall in love instantly with this deluxe slim wallet – order one today!

Product Description

A strong, simple wallet for the modern man

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Premium Quality

Mountain Voyage Co. uses premium materials & excellent craftsmanship to ensure their slim wallets for men last for years – place your confidence in us!

RFID Protection

Packed into this minimalist wallet for men is state-of-the-art RFID blocking technology that prevents thieves from scanning and accessing credit card and personal information. Move around peacefully knowing your RFID wallet is protecting your personal finances and data.

Quality Materials

Constructed using premium materials and outstanding manufacturing, this money clip wallet with RFID card holder is built to last! The sleek walnut wood and strong carbon fiber metal provide the slim wallet with ultimate strength as well as a modern touch to any style.

Important information

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Additional information

Weight3.28 kg
Dimensions2.1 × 3.4 cm
Product Dimensions

‎ 0.35 x 2.1 x 3.4 inches; 3.28 Ounces

Item model number

‎ MVC 123


‎ mens

Date First Available

‎ February 23, 2022


‎ B0C5SGCG11


‎ Mountain Voyage Co

Reviews & Ratings

(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for Mountain Voyage Minimalist Wallet for Men

  1. Adrian

    I will start with: I wasn’t sure this will work for me. I have seen other wallets similar to this and I wasn’t totally sure this will work.However, once I started getting one of this on my hand and get to the transition period. Oh boy! It was a smooth ride. I’m not sure if I will ever go back to the old fashion wallet. For the amount of cash I usually like to carry with me and the number of cards I have this works like a charm.Material, size and convenience of the storage is just nice. You remove the clip if you don’t needed.I’ve used for more than 2 months.The only downside is that the cards that are on the edges gets scratches over time. I just place the 2 cards I don’t care on the sides and that does the trick for me.

  2. ToCPap

    In a world so increasingly filled with unnecessary frills and artificial complexities, the discovery of a creation so starkly defined by its simplicity as the Mountain Voyage – Minimalist Wallet for Men, procured from the global bazaar of Amazon, brings forth a sense of sublime delight, not unlike finding a solitary lily blooming in the heart of a vast, teeming city.As one walks the path of self-reliance, echoing the footsteps of Thoreau himself, one seeks to surround oneself with objects that mirror this minimalist ethos, things that serve a purpose and do so without demanding space and attention in return. This wallet, with its earthy wood finish, a gentle reminder of the purity and resilience of nature, does exactly that.The wallet’s unassuming demeanor belied a resilience and practicality that defied expectations, quelling my initial trepidation and teaching me the valuable lesson that true quality is often found in the most unpretentious of objects. Its tactile feel is a constant, soothing reminder of the sturdy, dependable woods of Walden, offering an oasis of simplicity in the bustling chaos of modern life.This humble servant of my daily life is both sturdy and easy to use, embodying an ethos of efficiency and minimalism that complements my self-reliant lifestyle. Its compact size ensures that it does not encroach upon my space, and its unadorned aesthetic celebrates the beauty of simplicity, allowing the natural wood grain to take center stage.Despite its diminutive size and price, the wallet has proved to be a beacon of reliability and convenience. In its singularity of purpose and unfussy design, it reflects the virtue of a life stripped down to its essentials, a life of quiet introspection amidst the relentless bustle of our technologically tethered existence.In conclusion, the Mountain Voyage – Minimalist Wallet for Men, much like the solitary cabin in the woods of Walden, serves as a testament to the elegance and practicality of a simplified life. It is a touchstone of natural, minimalist beauty that delivers a resounding message – quality need not come at the expense of simplicity, and the joy of living can be found in the appreciation of the simplest of things.

  3. Kameron D Green

    Husband is very picky about his wallets. So when he asked for one of these I was shocked. He has thoroughly enjoyed having quick easy access to his cards and IDs. I think his biggest pro is he can toss it in his front pocket with his keys and not worry about it. He always hated getting in the car and sitting on his wallet. The 1 con I have found is if he needs to hold on to a receipt or something of that nature he has to hold it or put it in his pocket to get balled up. It does have the money clip on the back but he doesn’t like to put more than 2 or 3 bills in it at a time because he feels like it makes the wallet too bulky. Other than that the wallet is great it serves its purpose. It looks really cool and sleek and he has enjoyed the mess out of using it these last few months. Definitely recommend.

  4. longshot

    My husband used to lose his wallet all the time and also complain about how bulky it was, when I saw this and in a bright orange color easily noticed I figured we should try it out, it fits all his cards and is easy to rifle through to get to what’s needed and the outside clip keeps cash secure and safe.He’s never forgotten it once since the day we got it so I guess the color is perfect! He loves the thin easy to carry construction of it and also how durable it is, I think we have found his new wallet for life.

  5. Brad Swanson

    I’ve been using the Mountain Voyage Minimalist Wallet for Men for a few weeks now, and it has quickly become a constant companion in my day-to-day routine. It has hit all the right notes with its practicality, style, and robust build.The standout feature is definitely its compact, slim design. The slim profile fits perfectly in both front and back pockets without creating an uncomfortable bulge. The aesthetics are pleasing, and the quality of the materials used feels premium, showing no signs of wear and tear despite heavy usage.On the inside, it’s just as impressive. The wallet has enough space for essential cards and cash without becoming bulky. The design incorporates easy access slots which make retrieving your cards a breeze – a thoughtful feature that I appreciate every time I make a purchase.The RFID-blocking technology is the cherry on top, giving that added sense of security. In this digital age, safeguarding sensitive information has become paramount, and Mountain Voyage has taken this into account with their design. It’s comforting to know that I’m protected from potential identity theft while I’m on the go.The wallet also makes a nice impression when taken out – it’s stylish and modern, with an air of sophistication. It feels good in the hand, and the overall craftsmanship is commendable. The attention to detail shines through, making it clear that this is a product created with care and precision.In conclusion, I’m thoroughly pleased with the Mountain Voyage Minimalist Wallet. It’s a practical, secure, and stylish accessory for the modern man. Its sleek design and high-quality construction make it a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a minimalist wallet that doesn’t compromise on features or quality. Two thumbs up from me!

  6. K. Dandrea

    I know these small minimalist metal wallets are sold as a man’s wallet but I bought one for myself after seeing my partner’s. I had a huge (long) leather wallet which took up a lot of room in my purse. So, I bought a new iPhone case for my phone that holds a few cards that I use daily and has a zippered wallet compartment for bills and a zippered compartment that also holds change. The majority of my cards that I carry now fit in the minimalist wallet. Bought the one with the clip which I attach to one the slip pockets in my purse. Much more space and a lot lighter purse!! Love it!!!!!!

  7. Zvolts

    I’ve probably purchased half a dozen minimalist wallets in the last 3 or 4 years. I ended up not liking any of them. They either severely limited the number of cards they could accommodate, stretched out, or stopped functioning correctly fairly quickly. I think I found a keeper with the Mountain Voyage Minimalist Wallet.I’ve had it for 2 months and it’s working great and holding up well. It easily holds the 8 cards I need, along with some cash under the clip. Two things I knew it was lacking when I purchased it were Apple MagSafe and Air Tag compatibility. Well, they took care of the lack of Air Tag compatibility. I purchased and installed their new money clip that accommodates an Air Tag and it looks and works great.

  8. Robert L.

    I wanted to switch to the metal wallet from my old chain other wallet. But seeing some of the other brands at very high prices I wanted to look further into more affordable ones. I found this company. Seems very well-made. I just ordered another one because the red actually looks more like hot pink. Not a big deal but now my wife wants it so I’ll order a carbon fiber for myself.I’ll try it out for a while to see if I like it maybe I’ll switch to one of the higher priced brands later on but this seems to fit the bill, no pun intended.

  9. girl

    I wasn’t sure how I would like this minimalist wallet but once I got it, I was impressed with the packaging and then the actual item. It definitely felt like it was high quality and I stuck a big stack of cards into it just to see how it would do and it took them all. The money clip is also really sturdy and I like that it’s removable too if you don’t need the money clip. I can’t speak to the longevity yet since I just got it, but so far, I really like it and it saves a lot of space in my fanny pack/purse versus a traditional wallet. I debated giving it to my husband but honestly, I think I appreciate it more so I’m going to keep it for myself 😛

  10. Patrick

    i hated the bigger wallets because i cant put them in my back pocket *bad back, and using my front pocket it wasnt comfortable. switched to this, and never going back. if your a cash guy it could be more clumbsy, but if all you use is a credit card its easy to just slip in /out. also this does protected your cards as well. my badge ID wont work in this becuase of the case, so i have to slip that out to get access to electronic doors.

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