Natural Plant-Based Scrub Sponge by Scrub-it, Non-Scratch, Biodegradable– 24 Pack


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  • NATURAL MATERIAL: Made up of only the highest quality natural ingredients. With this green cellulose cleaning sponge you could save landfills and keep the planet safer, while protecting your kitchen, bathroom and the entire house from bacteria, chemicals or toxins.
  • WON’T COLLECT BAD SMELLS: Our Natural Cellulose Sponge is made of safe and environmental material. We’ve used only the best premium mix of natural fiber (SISAL) and synthetic recycled fiber /Green Cellulose and Breathable design to make these sponges non-toxic. They don’t collect bad odor and germs like other sponges, and you can safely sanitize them in the dishwasher.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL: We’ve improved our Natural scrubber pad with SCRUBIT’s anti bacterial design, each scrubber sponge has been reinforced with a powerful antimicrobial agent. to prevent bacteria build-up and to keep your house fresher for longer.
  • INCREDIBLE SCRUBBING POWER: Each Dish sponge is double sided: A soft, super absorbent sponge that will collect all dirt, grease and grime from whatever you’re cleaning. And a hard, tough scouring pad for tough jobs like dishwashing, scrubbing pots, cleaning walls or washing floors. The Natural Scrub Sponge will keep your work surfaces clean and fresh.
  • NON SCRACH SCOURING FIBERS: No need to worry about scratches. You can even lightly scrub on delicate items such as glass windows, non-stick pots & pans and expensive glassware. We feel safe in the knowledge that the non-scratch surface won’t leave any marks, scratches or streaks.
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Make Cleaning Easier and Faster – Without Constantly Replacing Sponges
On one side of the sponge, you’ll find a soft, absorbent material that is perfect to clean a non-stick pot or pan, or for cleaning windows, walls, floors, counters etc. On the other side, you’ll find an incredibly tough scouring pad. This makes cleaning tough dried-up food residue faster than ever before, even if it’s burned to a cinder. It’s perfect for wash dishes, scrub pots, washing floors, and cleaning stove tops and work surfaces.
Our green natural scrubbing & cleaning sponges are made of the best material and they are antibacterial, eco-friendly, and 100% bio-degradable, which means that you can use them with peace of mind that you won’t be using any germy plastics, chemicals or toxins to wash, scrub, and scour your kitchen dishes, counter tops, sinks, table, chairs, or your bathroom bathtub and sink, and don’t forget that they are environmentally friendly Plant-based scouring and washing sponges.
Can A Sponge Really Stand Up To Months of Tough Scrubbing Without Falling Apart?
These days almost every cheap kitchen sponge claims to be highly durable, but few can actually back it up. You’ve probably been disappointed by foam sponges that simply fall apart in your hands when you try to tackle tough jobs. Scrub-It Multi-Purpose Scrubbing Sponges are different. They are made from incredibly durable wood tough cellulose: a natural material that stands up to tough scrubbing better than any house sponge ever could. They really do last for months.
100% Money Back Guarantee We’re confident that you’ll love these natural sponges, but if you aren’t completely satisfied with them at any point, then simply return them to us for a full refund. We’re more than happy to let you try them risk free.

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Weight15.3 kg
Dimensions4.5 × 2.75 × 0.8 cm




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Wood, Glass



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4.5"L x 2.75"W x 0.8"Th

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15.3 ounces



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June 22, 2020


Scrub-it, SCRUBIT

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(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for Natural Plant-Based Scrub Sponge by Scrub-it, Non-Scratch, Biodegradable– 24 Pack

  1. stevev

    This is an eco-friendly product that is better than the regular version that we have used in the past that we purchased at Costco. It does seem more durable on both the sponge side and the scrubber side, so I am impressed. This pack is going to last a long time.

  2. A Turk Fan

    Very durable. Doesn’t smell and can be washed in dishwasher to keep fresh. Scrub pad is natural fiber and doesn’t scratch

  3. Daphne

    They are super durable and for the price you get a bunch of them definitely will buy again

  4. Frazier’s Mom

    I keep these on hand all the time. I’m picky about sponges. I want one in the sponge rack at my kitchen sink at all times but I have anxiety about contamination so I need to be able to change it out on the regular. I need a lot of quality sponges for not a lot of money and these fit the bill. I spend a lot of time with these sponges because I do a lot of dishwashing…and I just don’t think I can say enough good things! 😆 Is it sad I have such strong feelings about kitchen sponges? 100%. But…you’re reading reviews for kitchen sponges so I’m gonna assume you do too. And I think you’re gonna like these.

  5. Laura

    Very good quality for the cost! Scrubber side works well. Highly recommended

  6. Robert Brunetto


  7. Abuela

    Esas esponjas naturales son de buenísima calidad. Duran lo mismo que esponjas hechos de productos plasticos o artificiales.Me gusta el aspecto de descomposición.Los compro en la opción “Subscribe and save.”

  8. J. Corcoran

    These are a good quality for the price. I’m not sure they last as long as the non biodegradable, but I like them for the environment.

  9. bee

    Love these…they are hardy and have a good scrubbing surface. They wear out just when they should be tossed in the compost. Perfect timing.

  10. Imene

    They’re good but i feel like they don’t last long.

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