Radicaln Marble Chess Set 15 Inches Black and Golden Handmade Chess Board Game


(10 customer reviews)
Brand Radicaln
Material Marble
Theme Sport
Genre strategy
Number of Players 2

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  • ♞WHAT IS INCLUDED♞ – 1 Chess Board & 32 chess figures; 2 Kings, 2 Queens, 4 Knights, 4 Bishops, 4 Rooks, 16 Pawns. Comes with RADICALn Branded Secure & Fragile Packaging.
  • ♚MATERIAL♚ – This Chess Set is Made of High-Quality Natural Marble. The chess board and chess figures are fully hand-polished.
  • ♛SIZE♛ – Board Size: 15 Inches. King Measures: 3.5 Inches. Queen: 3 Inches. Bishop: 2.75 Inches. Knight: 2.75 Inches. Rook: 2.75 Inches. Pawns: 2.25 Inches. The Chess Board comes along with an attached felt bottom to avoid scratches. Separate felt bottoms packet for all chess figures.
  • ♝FOR EVERYONE♝ – It is the best board game for people of any age group; from Kids to Adults.
  • ♟MULTI-PURPOSE♟ – This chess set can be an exciting gift and also to used as a home decor item.
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Product Description



King 3.5 Inches.
Queen 3 Inches.
Bishop 2.75 Inches
Knight 2.75 Inches
Rook 2.75 Inches
Pawns 2.25 Inches








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Weight17 kg
Dimensions16 × 16 × 0.75 cm
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16 x 16 x 0.75 inches

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17 pounds



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(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for Radicaln Marble Chess Set 15 Inches Black and Golden Handmade Chess Board Game

  1. Precious Cubana

    Is beautiful and impressive

  2. Amazon Customer

    Reached to the supplier inquiring about an extra set of Queens, white and black for pawn promotion since you only get 1 of each as part of the set and they were super nice and accommodating and wanted me to be happy so they sent me an extra pair =DYou will need to order the black carrying case separately about $50+ but it also was very well made and sturdy to hold this heavy marble set. It had a nice new leather smell to it =D. The checkers marble pieces are also a separate set.

  3. Edith

    Hermoso,resistente,elegante, de buen tamaño

  4. River Flow

    I am very satisfied with my purchase, BUT… there are some things you should know before buying.I bought this set for the pieces, and the pieces are great: very nice, very heavy, just what I wanted. As you can tell even from the pictures on amazon, though, the pieces are WAY too large for the board. I already had a beautiful 18″ marble board, so this was not a problem for me — these pieces look GREAT on an 18″ board. But on the 16″ board provided with this set,… the pieces look as cramped in real life as they do in the amazon pictures. (The board provided is also very beautiful, though, and I certainly plan to use it with some other, SMALLer chess pieces at some point in the future.)Another slightly negative note: The case the board comes in, and which you can put the pieces in (if you decide to use their too-small board with these pieces…), is pretty nice — but the CLASPS are very flimsy — too insecure. I know if I used that case one day I would have a massive spill when it flew open. Also, the case would be MUCH more useful if it had a handle of some kind, for carrying, along with more secure clasps.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Had a broken bisop at the top but as soon I contacted support they promptly replaced it. I recommend this set. 10/10.

  6. Kindle Customer

    The pieces are beautiful! When we received the set, one of the queens was broken. I contacted the seller, via email, and not only did I receive one replacement queen, but both! Customer service is great! Me and my son are enjoying playing on this set each evening!

  7. Charles

    I purchased this item for my lounge and the craftsmanship of this set tied everything together quite well. I really enjoy using the chess set, however, I enjoy looking at its quality just as well. The colors used to make this set make it stand out. I will enjoy this chess set for many years to come.

  8. Ian D. Campbell

    This was a gift for my wife for her birthday. It is really an amazing set. For the money this is heirloom quality. It really far exceeds my expectation. And as a follow up…on the first day my wife dropped a pawn and broke it. I reached out to Radicaln for options to purchase a replacement. They responded immediately and after a nominal fee sent me a whole set of pawn replacements! Unbelievable service.

  9. Jason

    I have very mixed feelings about this board; what they get right is great, but what they get wrong makes me want to return the thing.First off, the positives: The marble is high quality and the surface is polished to a nice sheen. The individual pieces are nicely carved as well.The negatives: The most damning thing about this set is the color scheme. It is advertised as a black and gold scheme, but the black is really closer to a dusty gray color. I bought this board specifically for the color scheme so that it would match my furniture… but with the grayish color, it seems out of place. Second, the edge of the board is unfinished and not polished; it gives the board a cheap look when the top surface is nice while the edge is a crusty gray marble. Third, the advertised “stunning blue velvet box” is not stunning in the least; it’s cheap and flimsy, made from styrofoam inserts, and if I decide to keep the board (I’m on the fence) I’d just be throwing it away. Fourth, the individual pieces themselves have not been polished and they have a very rough unfinished feeling to them; I have marble debris on my fingers after handling them.Overall, this board could be great if the manufacturer took more time with their craft. As is, it’s not worth the money I paid for it ($160).

  10. George Waters

    A very fine board and pieces; excellent for gifts, for play, or for study. Do wish it came with the traveling case though. Upon arrival my black king was broken in two but they responded promptly and replaced it.

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