Super Soft Bamboo Unisex Workout Socks


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  • Rayon Made from Bamboo
  • Machine Wash
  • SUPER SOFT AND COMFORTABLE SOCKS FOR MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN: Our bamboo socks are the softest and most comfortable socks on the market for men, women, boys and girls! These socks have a cushioned sole to keep your feet extra happy! Once you experience the comfort of these socks, you will never want to wear cotton socks again! Our customers rave about these socks and we know that you will too! 80% Rayon Made from Bamboo, 15% Polyester, 5%Spandex
  • ELIMINATE FOOT ODOR: Our socks keep your feet odor free even after wearing them all day! If you struggle with stinky feet and smelly shoes, then bamboo socks are exactly what you need! You will be amazed at how fresh your feet and shoes smell even after sweaty workouts or wearing these socks all day.
  • PREVENT SWEATY FEET: Our socks are moisture wicking so that your feet stay nice and dry. These socks also have a mesh top to make them more breathable and lightweight so that your feet stay cool and dry. These socks will keep your feet comfortable and dry!
  • PERFECT FOR ATHLETES: Our socks are perfect for athletes because they will keep your feet dry and odors at bay even after long hours of practice and working out. These Bamboo Socks are breathable and lightweight so that they keep your feet ventilated and comfortable. Wear these socks during your next sports practice, marathon, triathlon, or gym workout and experience the difference!
  • LOVE THEM OR YOUR MONEY BACK: We believe that our socks are the highest quality and most comfortable socks on the market, and we know that you will love yours. However, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us for a full hassle-free refund or replacement!
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Product Description

Bamboo Sports Socks are the most comfortable socks that you will ever own! The bamboo fibers in these socks naturally eliminate odor and absorb moisture to keep your feet dry, odor free and comfortable all day! These socks are perfect for everyone but are even better for anyone who has smelly and sweaty feet! These socks will change your life by eliminating foot odors so that you and your feet stay odor free!

super soft and comfortable

Bamboo Socks are Super Soft & Comfortable

Bamboo Sports socks are the most comfortable socks on the market! Once you try out these comfortable socks you won’t want to wear any other socks! We have had multiple customers throw out their old socks and replace them with only Bamboo Sports Socks. Try these amazingly comfortably socks and you will probably want to do the same!

Eliminate Foot Odor

Eliminate Foot Odor with Bamboo Socks

Bamboo Sports Socks naturally keep you feet and shoes odor free! If you struggle with smelly feet, socks, and shoes, then Bamboo Socks are your solution to eliminate embarrassing foot odors!

Breathable and moisture wicking

Bamboo Socks Keep Your Feet Dry & Comfortable

Bamboo Sports no show socks have a breathable mesh top and moisture wicking properties to keep your feet cool and dry. You will be amazed at how these socks absorb moisture to keep you feet dry!

perfect for workouts

Perfect for workouts to Keep Your Feet Odor Free, Dry, and Comfortable!

Bamboo socks are perfect for any workout because these socks will keep your feet odor free, dry, and comfortable for hours!

Bamboo Sports Socks are perfect for any activity!

perfect for work boots

everyday socks

kids sizes

Bamboo Socks work great with work boots!

Bamboo Sports socks work great with work boots because they keep your feet comfortable even in extreme heat and harsh work conditions. Many of our customers have worn these socks with work boots and report that they work great with work boots!

Bamboo Socks keep your feet comfortable all day!

Bamboo socks are great for everyday wear. They feel so soft and comfortable that you won’t want to wear any other sock during the day!

Bamboo Socks are Available in Kids Sizes

We all know that kids feet can get pretty smelly! We have had so many parents request these for their kids so we decided to start selling bamboo socks in kids sizes as well. Do yourself a favor and get these socks for your kids to get rid of their smelly feet, socks, and shoes!

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Reviews & Ratings

(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for Super Soft Bamboo Unisex Workout Socks

  1. Carlos E Martinez

    I have always liked wearing PEDS socks. These Bamboo socks are great. Perfect fit, nice and thin a cool and comfortable. I haven’t been able to find the PEDS socks anywhere for the past year or so. I’m glad I came across these Bamboo socks. They are a great replacement for the PEDS. For the price, you can’t beat that. I will definitely be buying more.

  2. W. Mitchell

    These are excellent summer socks, lightweight, thin material, very comfortable.

  3. Arvin

    The only downside is that many fabrics stick onto the soles of your feet for the first couple of wears.

  4. Amazon Customer

    My sons feet would make your eyes water after taking his shoes off. These socks were recommended to me and I was skeptical. But omg. He can never wear anything else. These have completely stopped his foot odor and his shoes don’t stink anymore either! They’re nice and thick and he says they’re the most comfortable socks he ever wore. I’ll never buy another kind of sock for him ever again.

  5. Barry K

    Just as advertised – very comfortable and holding up well with use.

  6. Alicia

    I ordered the smallest size and they are still too big. Socks are super comfy though and dont make my feet stink! I have sweaty feet so they are exactly what i was looking for just wish they werent so big!

  7. CBK_fl

    I prefer thinner socks and also socks that are loose enough around the top to not leave an indentation. I have some foot neuropathy and most socks are so tight around the ankle they are impossible to wear. These bamboo socks are thin enough, light and airy, not tight and so soft and comfortable. The socks were three in the pack; I will be purchasing more. Yes, I would recommend.

  8. Ashley

    These are thick and bulky socks.

  9. dustin

    My 8 year old son’s shoes and socks reeked! I was having to wash his shoes with baking soda and vinegar to get the smell out on top of having his wash his feet really well but nothing was working. Tried these socks and they worked beautifully! No more smelly feet!! Threw all of his other socks away and will only buy these from now on.

  10. Imperial Arbitrage LLC

    Great socks until they have been washed, then good socks.Still a comfortable sock but if they put grey or black on the bottom heel and ball of the foot instead of the company name a bit randomly slapped on the bottom it would help hide dirt and wear and tear every sock will get.Besides that these socks are vented on the top , a very light padded I would say on the bottom, and the features end there. If they were to add a bit more ball and foot padding they could offer perhaps different versions also, but the one thing they desperately need is some light compression not much but it needs some behind the ball because once washed they are to loose and they move side to side and they come down and off but an easy fix. They do that , offer versions with padding options , and find a better way to put a smaller version or no version of the company name and their would not be many elite level no show socks with much more to offer they are close to getting in that level love the Bamboo. I few upgrades and some R&D offer 2-3 versions they only need a little bit more into design and they can have a long run in the elite not just new and novel no show sock category.

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