tronco 20 oz Glass Tumbler Glass Water Bottle Straw


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Brand: tronco
Material: Wood, Silicone, Glass, Borosilicate Glass, Bamboo
Bottle Type: Wide Mouth
Color: Amber
Capacity: 1.3 Pounds

  • If your glass bottle breaks within the first year of purchase, we will ship you a replacement for free and cover the shipping cost.
  • Odor-free, stain-free, clean tasting, 100% Borosilicate Glass with real wood friction-fit lid
  • Colorful silicone sleeves prove a no-slip grip and make it easy identify their own glasses,Protective silicone sleeves make the glass perfect for outdoor use.
  • tronco glass water bottle can be used to fill many kinds of liquids, such as cold / hot water, milk and beverages etc.
  • All parts are BPA/BPS free.The tumbler except the cap is top rack dishwasher-safe.Do not microwave.Do not freeze.
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Weight1.04 kg
Dimensions3 × 7.6 cm



Wood, Silicone, Glass, Borosilicate Glass, Bamboo

Bottle Type

Wide Mouth




1.3 Pounds

Special Feature

Lightweight, Leak Proof, Durable, Dishwasher Safe

Age Range (Description)

All Ages

Product Dimensions

3"W x 7.6"H

Product Care Instructions

Not Machine Washable, Not Microwave Safe

Model Name

Glass Water Bottle

Number of Items












Unit Count

1.0 Count

Item Weight

1.04 pounds



Date First Available

May 28, 2019



Reviews & Ratings

(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for tronco 20 oz Glass Tumbler Glass Water Bottle Straw

  1. Jase

    It’s a great desk cup!- Sturdy to hold and pick-up.- Quiet and stable to set down.- It’s not like a plastic tumbler in any way.- The glass is crystalline-like and easy to clean.- The silicon sleeve feels nice and secure; as if it likes little hand-hugs while washing, or using.- It’s easy to transport between my working area and the kitchen to get a refill.- The lid lifts off with minimal effort, but sits nice and snug otherwise.Fantastic style. Really. It’s like IKEA fell in love with Crate and Barrel and their kid grew up, went to visit friends in Okinawa and ducked into a café for a moment to get out of the rain since their glasses were all wet with rain drops and they accidentally bumped into in a Kickstarter project that used Helvetica instead of Avenir for all their marketing, and then they eventually fell in love and they had a kid, but not right away. That kid would be this cup. And this cup deserves to be hand-washed at least twice a week, rather than undramatically abused in a dishwasher next to its elder kitchen cupboard residents adorned with crusty left-over oatmeal chunks and dehydrated salad dressing swirls.Some say the silicon gasket on the lid gets mildewy or moldy, but I’m just not sure how that’s possible if you remove it and clean it regularly like a responsible adult. Trying not to throw around words like “lazy” or “not good with details”, but I’m just not seeing how this would get grody. It’s not the cup’s fault. Just sayin’.The silicon gasket does come off from the neat wooden (bamboo) lid with a little thinking about how it’s made and lightly prying it from the impeccably machined groves it fits into with the edge of a spoon or some other thin and narrow yet blunt object so as to not damage the gasket, and then contorting and pushing the straw port a bit back through its own hole to get it released.The seal even at the straw port is great, though not totally leak-proof at the straw port because of the straw, you know, but the circumference seal is nice for typical cup usages. I haven’t knocked the cup over yet because of computers and papers on my desk so… maybe the silicon gasket seal is physics-proof and stays in place regardless of the effects of gravity, hydrodynamics and inertia? Probably best to not swing your arms or other objects around when near a glass of water (or whatever) and electronics and other hydro-sensitive materials.The rounded edge of the glass feels nice when you wanna go strawless; which might be more often than you think since the straw—being some sort of cheap and nicely sized plastic tube (and consequently the only thing that bugs me about this product)—is really the only thing capable of leaving that plasticky chemical smell we’re all trying to get away from, hence looking at glass drinking containers here in the Bezos’ garage sale.I do wish the straw was on par with the rest of everything else about this cup.Just get the cup. It’s cool. Works great. It’s not designed to bounce so don’t drop it. If you do, though, because accidents and pets and kids happen, don’t blame-shift on the cup or the people that made the cup, or the pets, or the kids—unless they did it on purpose in which case trade them in for house plants if you lack self-control with “accidents”.

  2. Rebecca

    I really like this cup. Got it late last year and I keep it on my nightstand (on a coaster because of there’s ice in it, there’s a bit of sweat) to have water close by (and occasionally things like lemonade if we’re having snuggle in bed night).It washes up easily, I like that it’s glass rather than plastic (I probably should have switched out the straw for metal), and it’s been very sturdy. It doesn’t get roughed up too much, but has been knocked over a number of times. Saying that, the lid seals enough to keep it secure and minimize water spills.My ONLY issue and why I am currently looking for a new one is I left it on the bathroom sink and my Husky couldn’t resist it. He likes taking cups and.. well.. eating them (we find him running around with Starbucks paper cups especially). I found the cup on the floor, unbroken (thankfully), I just have no idea where he hid the lid/straw. So it survived a dog taking it off the sink.I would definitely recommend.

  3. J. Scott

    This is a very cool cup. My 13-year-old daughter loves it. What I hate about it is that the rubber outer grip sleeve is difficult to remove, but I’m a neat freak and want to remove it periodically, clean it, and dry it vs run the risk of moisture staying between the outer rubber holder and the cup and having some kind of mold funk situation. Maybe that doesn’t happen and maybe I’m a freak, but anwyay. If you want to take the thing apart to clean it, it’s not fun getting the rubber sleeve off or putting it back on. Also the top is made of either wood or fake wood. A little weird. But there’s a nice plastic grommet that the straw goes in and nice rubber stuff on the top that makes a good seal. Since my daughter loves it, it HAS to be aesthetically superior to other cups. It works well. But if you’re looking for something that is quick to completely and thoroughly clean, buy something else.

  4. Kevin Sanchez

    It is a very simply item the parts are all well made, but I would treat it as a normal cup as the cap doesn’t screw in. It’s just a cap held in place by silicone so errant bumps wont make it spill but if it tips over it probably will. It does suffer from condensation as it is not insulated and the silicone grip doesn’t help much with that or with holding it either. For my needs it’s perfect just needed a simple cup with a top that I could take off easily when I wanted and a wide top to clean easily, this fits perfectly.

  5. Amazon Customer

    I bought this to replace my old plastic water bottle for work. I’ve been wanting a glass bottle, but I wanted something that would hold up well. I’m not disappointed. This is easy to clean, the material of the cover makes it easy to grip and hold without too much worry of dropping it, and my water doesn’t have a funny taste to it like it did in my plastic bottle. I’m really happy with my purchase.

  6. DR

    Updated 6/10/20 for clarity and better info. I purchased a single tumbler with the bamboo lid.This is exactly what I was looking for. I’m packing my own water into the office now in larger silicone-wrapped glass water bottles. I poor water from those into this tumbler.As a tumbler it’s easier to drink from than the larger bottles. I can put it in my bag without worrying about it cracking due to the protective silicone wrapping. And it’s easier to wash than the water bottles. This reduces my overall time expended on washing, since I end up washing the large cumbersome water bottles less often. Rather, I wash this tumbler with the rest of my dishes at the end of the day.I do not use it as an on-the-go beverage container as I have a different product I prefer for that purpose. It could work well for that though.Regarding the liquids: I use this exclusively for water, so I don’t have experience trying to clean out other stuff, like smoothies, soda, etc. I find it easy to clean because I don’t have to scrub it, just get it soapy. If I was using it for smoothies, I’d invest in a bottle brush to be able to scrub out the bottom. I wash by hand, and it’s difficult to reach the bottom of this tumbler (though not impossible).Regarding the straw: I don’t use the straw and never intended to. I’m trying to avoid plastic. I’m more okay with silicone, especially on the outside to protect glass products like this. The hole in the lid is big enough to accommodate your own straw. I’d probably replace it with a glass straw if I needed a straw. The straw I received with the product seemed fine to me in general. Slightly wider in diameter than a normal drinking straw. (The straw doesn’t have a ring to keep it inside the cup like I originally thought.)Regarding the lid: I like the quality of the bamboo a lot. It’s well-crafted, smooth, and pleasant to touch. Also, they did a good job with the silicone fittings, so that the lid forms a good seal and doesn’t look silly when you fit it on (I’ve bought other products that did *not* get this right–it can go a long way toward aesthetics.)Since I don’t use this as an on-the-go water bottle, I only tend to put on the lid when the tumbler’s mostly dry. It seems possible for the lid to mold if you leave it sealed with liquid in it for long periods. It is basically wood, after all, and wet wood can mold. If you want to use it this way, I recommend that you regularly wash the lid in soapy water and air it out so it doesn’t stay moist too long. Don’t run it in the dishwasher. And mineral oil can help the bamboo to last longer. The quality is good enough that it’s worth it if you care about having a lid. If you don’t want the mold risk at all, you’ll want the metal lid version, or something with a silicone or plastic lid.Month update: I’ve now had this product for a month, and I intend to buy at least one more. I’ll surely try to replace it if it ever wears out on me. It works really well as a bedside glass of water for me. Because it’s a cylinder shape, it’s doesn’t knock over in the dark as easily as a traditionally shaped drinking glass. Even if it falls, it’s unlikely to shatter with the protective silicone. It feels like an important part of my routine now; I don’t feel I could do without it.Finally, the best part: There’s no plastic that comes in contact with my water now. I fill up a few glass 5 gallon jugs at a local place. A jug sits atop a ceramic water dispenser with a stainless steel spigot that has silicone grommets. I’ve a glass pitcher in the fridge for chilled water. Another pitcher in the bedroom for late night hydration. It took some work, but it was worth doing!If you’re interested in how I got there: Water jug: 

    5-Gallon Glass Jug


    Stainless Steel Spigot

     I haven’t found the perfect water crock yet; the one I got leaks more water than I’d like. If I find the *one* I’ll update it here. This is *not* the one I purchased, but you’re looking for something like 


     Primo is a popular brand–theirs may be good.Edit: I ended up buying the linked Primo brand and it works well.

  7. Maria L.

    I love the look and feel of the bottle. It also keeps my iced matcha latte cold throughout the morning! I drink it within 30 mins and the ice melts a bit but not much. It was a great and useful buy! I use it every day!

  8. Tiy 💗

    I’m rating this cup a 4/5 stars because it’s super cute and aesthetically pleasing! But it does sweat quite a bit even on the rubber part which can cause it to be slippery when grabbing. I recommend this cup be used for mainly water. If using for other drinks do wash them out after and let cup air dry. I suggest this cup be used at home only and not so much for on the go because of the sweating and slippery-ness…Other than the sweating I have no complaints! 🩷

  9. Amazon Customer

    The look of these are lovely. But they sweat, a lot. Have plenty of napkins around or be prepared to be wearing droplets of sweat on your clothes and in your cupholder.

  10. cathy cox

    Love everything about this cup, from the color to the sleeve!

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