ZPirates Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat – Large, 34 x 18 Inches


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Material: Bamboo Lattice
Color: Bamboo
Size: Large 18 x 34 Inches
Brand: ZPirates
Item Weight: 2 Pounds

  • Comes with floor-gripping rubber paddings – Size is large 34″ long, 18″ wide, .30″ thickness; The bottom is padded with rubber grip tape, non slip on textured surface, to protect flooring and provide you with a more stable footing
  • No nail or screw used – Unlike other wood bath rugs that use nails and screws and will rust overtime and can be dangerous, this wood mat uses no metal
  • Rollable and foldable – Can be rolled or folded for fast, space-saving easy storage in the car or on baggage
  • Longlasting- Up to 4 years long life-span, would not stain or sag; lighter than teak wood and stronger than plastic or rubber bathroom rug
  • Water repellent – Protected with a 3X colorless top-coatings for water and dark stain resistance
  • Camping, beach or picnic companion – Use for camping shower enclosure or on sandy and grassy grounds; conveniently multi-purpose kind of bathroom accessories
  • Made of kiln dried bamboo – The bamboo used is seasoned and undergoes a high-temperature water and sugar removal, making the wooden bathmat cleaner and tougher
  • Vent-pad for fabric rugs – Place under or on top of fabric rug to make rug dry quicker thus extending your rug’s usage
  • Unbeatable quality and value – Bamboo bathmat / wood rug is our specialty. Let us know if you are not satisfied; we offer you return/refund at no charge
  • For entryway and doodsteps – Use as under grill, patio and deck mat for safe, secure footing even when faced with high temperatures and damp conditions
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Important information

Safety Information

Wash your new bamboo bath mat prior to first use. Do not remove the safety rubber pads. Prior to use, test if it works well on your intended floor spot. Rinse and dry every after use to remove buildups from soap, bath oil or shampoo. Its rubber back works well on clean surface. Clean its spot periodically. Be careful using with a bath oil. Vacuum to remove trapped hairs and fibers. Brush to remove buildups. Blot with a rug to fast-dry (Optional). It is recommended that you keep the bathroom clean and organized. Keep the floor outside the tub or shower dry. Avoid water splashing outside of the bathtub. Watch out and beware for spills of shampoo, bath oil or shower gel on the floor. Do not use towel bars for extra support and balance. It is not safe. Install grab bars. Sit on a bath chair or bench when taking a shower. Set the temperature on your water heater to 120°F (49°C) to prevent burns. Ensure the lights are well-lit and bright to minimize chances of tripping while you make your way to and out of the bathroom. Support seniors and kids. Support can mean helping your loved one in and out of the tub.

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Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions34 × 18 cm

Bamboo Lattice




Large 18 x 34 Inches





Product Dimensions

34"L x 18"W

Item Weight

‎2 pounds



Country of Origin


Date First Available

December 1, 2020



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(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for ZPirates Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat - Large, 34 x 18 Inches

  1. Juan Lulli

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     Overall nice, attractive bamboo mat for your shower and bath tub. We purchased two ZPirates 16 x 17-inch bamboo mats, one each for the shower and spa tub, which matched well the look & feel of our redone master bathroom.So this is what I wish I’d known upfront or had been better disclosed by ZPirates (and for that matter any seller of bathroom bamboo mat products): that unless you remove the mats from normal moisture that sits underneath of and accumulates around the bamboo mats from ordinary uses of shower or tub, the bamboo material will discolor and degrade. Therefore, proper usage requires, to play it safe, that the mats be dried and set aside after each use so floor water moisture has had a chance to evaporate away. The manufacturer describes these mats as having “quick dry off cups” underneath…” I’m assuming they’re referring to the thin narrow strips underneath. But these do not raise the bamboo material over floor-sitting moisture.NOTE to ZPirates: You should redesign the mats with a raised open-design plastic or rubber underlayment that allows water and moisture to dissipate without one needing to set aside and dry the bamboo mats after every use. What a great idea that would be!

  2. Rocio Schneider

    Easy to wipe down. Looks good. Moves around a lot, despite the grips on the bottom.

  3. Xine

    I got this mat to use inside the shower for a spa feel! It’s great! Looks so fresh. I use an “S” hook over the shower fixture to hang it after use because I know it won’t last long sitting in water. We really like it though.

  4. Cory Mottice

    Wish they had options for bigger ones. But the quality is great and I quite enjoy it.

  5. Amazon Customer

    I’m this old worried about faking from bath so instead of old lady industrial rubber I chose this tasteful beautiful bamboo and I love it

  6. Samantha

    I use this bamboo mat for my plant and cat water station. It looks super cute and I’ve had it for months now and it hasn’t taken any water damage. It’s very easy to rinse off, and is made of very durable wood material. I would highly recommend buying this bamboo mat!

  7. David

    I like that this is a unique bath May. I was concerned it would be uncomfortable Rostand in, but was pleasantly surprised. It bunches up a little bit, but not enough to dissuade me from recommending.

  8. Crdaisy

    This piece is as expected other than the size. Pay attention to the dimensions. I assumed it was standard but it was smaller than I expected. But that’s on me. So good product.

  9. Luke Allen

    It would be better only if there were more of it, it sticks to the bottom of my feet so if it were heavier I think it wouldn’t do that.

  10. Frank Merchat

    Be aware the finish they put on this product needs time to cure out as the smell is quite strong. I love the product for my use. I put it outside my car so I can remove my wetsuit take a shower and then redress. It seems to handle the rough pavement and most importantly it does not slip (which is what I was worried about). It cleans up well and folds nicely (the previous one i used had to be stored flat) so that it doesn’t take much room. So far so good but I have only used it three times.

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