Whiffkitch Bamboo Dishcloths & Cleaning Cloths 6pk, Large 9x9in


(10 customer reviews)
Color White
Brand Whiffkitch
Towel form type Cleaning Cloth
Age Range (Description) All Ages
Material Bamboo

  • QUALITY COUNTS with our top selling dishcloths 9x9in, they’re eco-friendly, reusable, long lasting-that means economical and waste reducing. Rayon derived BAMBOO is a sustainable resource, super lightweight, quick-drying, easy-to-clean-washable, odorless, lint-free and soft to the touch. Each cloth is a THICK 2-ply, highly absorbent cloth with a shaggy looped outer weave, and a tight under-weave that supports SCRUB-NON-SCRATCH on multilabel surfaces, making them highly efficient in the kitchen.
  • GET TOUGH on dirty build-up in the kitchen and bathroom, with our SCRUB NON SCRATCH texture making them perfect on NON-STICK PANS, STAINLESS STEEL and GLASS. At 6″ x 7″, our dish cloths fit comfortably in your hand without folding or wadding up when it’s time to do the dishes, clean appliances, or wipe down counters. They are a great size for storage around the sink.
  • ECONOMICAL because you CLEAN WITH SUSTAINABLE rayon derived BAMBOO. Expect LONG-LASTING cloths and we mean years of productivity from these eco-friendly sturdy cloths. WASHABLE, REUSABLE, DURABLE and naturally HYGIENIC. Each dishcloth has a finished edge in colorful piping to prevent fraying and hold the shape through many washings. It also makes it easy to designate a certain task to a cloth. Use cloths for dishes, glass, stainless steel, counter tops, and one for scrubbing veggies.
  • EASY-CLEANING CLOTHS – Best Practices: prewash before using, machine wash using laundry soap or detergent. When needed brighten them up or remove stains with oxygen bleach or a very light solution of chlorine bleach – over use of chlorine bleaching will result in the breaking down of the rayon derived bamboo threads. For daily use: rinse and wring out the dishcloth after each use, then leave in a place to air dry.
  • 91% rayon derived from bamboo, and colorful trim is synthetic thread, this holds the dishcloths shape, 9% polyester. Our Whiffkitch rayon derived bamboo cloths are made for and imported by Whiff Botanicals a USA company.
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Product Description

Whiffkitch bamboo dishcloths 6pk

what makes a great dishcloth for the kitchen

we get the job done

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Additional information

Weight0.19 kg
Dimensions9 × 9 cm




Towel form type

Cleaning Cloth

Age Range (Description)

All Ages



Product Dimensions

9"L x 9"W

Number of Items






Special Feature



No Theme

Product Care Instructions

Machine Wash, cool dry


"9×9 in"

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Fabric Type

91% 91% Rayon Derived from Bamboo, 9% Polyester

Item Weight

0.19 Kilograms, 6.7 ounces



Date First Available

March 14, 2021


Whiff Botanicals/Whiffkitch, Whiffkitch

Reviews & Ratings

(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for Whiffkitch Bamboo Dishcloths & Cleaning Cloths 6pk, Large 9x9in

  1. DebOrt

    I got these bamboo dishwashing rags because I do hand wash. I like the size of them, not too big, but not too small. I really like the fact that they do dry rather quickly if I ring them out well. Easy to grab a new dish rag every day, because the trim has different colors, so you know that it’s different than another. I like to use a clean one every day. I really like these and I would highly recommend them.

  2. Amy

    I went with the smaller size as I don’t like the cloth splashing around. These are a perfect size, clean really well, and hold a lot of soap! I love the variety of colors as well.Just make sure to rinse them off before using to get the extra bamboo texture off!I definitely plan on purchasing these again!

  3. Couvillion

    Been using a couple months and like the sturdy quality of the material. The material is also soft on hands and yet slightly abrasive enough to scub without scratching surfaces. Easy clean material when picking up messes and rinsing, quick dry, and doesn’t smell when taken proper care of. Getting used to and liking the size being smaller than typical dish rags.

  4. Helen Gregory

    They didn’t feel like bamboo! I had some previous from Amazon and they were great, this new purchase is so stiff.

  5. ArtIsImportant

    Ok, made of bamboo sounds so eco, but you should know that makes these a kind of rayon, a material that creates a lot of nasty waste to make. That said, I like these. They’re easy to use, very absorbent and they dry quickly which is more hygienic.

  6. Amazon Customer

    these are wonderful little dish cloths. I have used them for quite a while, and they have remained as durable and soft as ever. I highly recommend.

  7. BooksRuleAZ

    I really like the absorbancy and texture of these towels for cleaning. However, “large” at 9 x 9 shrank to 8 x 8 and feel quite “small”. Wish they offered larger sizes instead of just the two options.

  8. Heather

    I was skeptical about these. But I’ve been using the same darn dish clothes and was stubborn to switch. I hand wash my dishes. So I use them every day. They do a great job. They have a little scrubby-ish texture that is good for minor scrubbing. Out of the package they take a sec to absorb water. Once they do, no worries. I like having this many so I can wash them in the laundry as often as I like. They also dry quickly. Would buy again.

  9. Jennifer Jones

    These cloths are amazing! I have a dear husband who, God bless him, seems to use every white kitchen cloth I have to sop up pasta sauce and coffee drips off the counters. I am FOREVER throwing away white kitchen cloths that get stained and won’t bleach out. But these are the bomb! So far they are still white after a normal wash and “husband-proof!!!”

  10. Becky

    You will not go wrong with these dishcloths. I love that they can scrub and be gentle all in 1. They also are so easy to clean and dry quickly. I was even able to wash out the spaghetti sauce I had to clean up and you could not even see that there was sauce on the rag. I love them so much I have bought a set for both my kids. You will love them too!

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